Friday, June 13, 2008

You down with PVP? Yeah you know me

I mentioned earlier this week that I would do a post on my experience in battlegrounds. I've certainly done my share, as I am in nearly full pvp gear and have over 10,000 kills. But I still consider myself a noob in many ways. Yes, I know the BG strategies, but I feel my reaction time one on one is still slow. It is sorta fun to see if someone can out-damage your heals. Its also fun to have a couple of horde on you, who they thought was an easy kill as a healer. With my resilience at over 300 now, it ain't so easy. Even if I die, I enjoy trying to making it as difficult as possible. :) But here are some of my thoughts and tips as a novice resto druid BGer. Those who really know what they are doing probably have some more ideas.

Quick note: make a second action bar. For a long time I just used my main action bar, then would have to go up above the action bar and click on certain pvp spells that I never use soloing or raiding. For example, hibernate and cyclone. Also barkskin for me regularly isn't on my first action bar, its on that bar above. But its definitely on my pvp action bar.

So here are my preferences in BGs and what I do in them:
1. Alterac Valley: AV is my favorite. In a group of 40, I feel the healers can hide a bit more in the crowd. Half the time I like to go with offense, sometimes going to get Iceblood GY and Drek, sometimes rushing to get Relief Hut. The other half of the time I like to be on defense, and many times there aren't enough on defense. One little habit I've picked up lately is if Alliance is behind on getting the towers and we have absolutely no defense, I use my little AV trinket (Stormpike Insignia Rank 6) to port back to Dun Baldar. I port back in kitty form and as soon as Im in Dun Baldar, hit prowl. Then I stealth around to our bunkers and try to get them back. Half the time, the Horde assume no one is there and sit just waiting to go in to Vann. Its sorta fun spoiling their fun, even if we lose. Hey, that's what they get for leaving the bunkers unguarded.

2. WSG: As a druid, you will be a good option for the flag carrier. So I am often on offense in WSG. I run over to their side, go up the ramp and while I am above their flag, I cast a couple of HOTs on myself. Then I jump down in kitty form and snatch their flag. Hopefully run out ok, then switch into travel cheetah form. Your advantage as a druid here is your many forms. If you get stuck, switch forms to try to undo whatever was done. I've also been really close to capping the flag, but with a couple of hordies on me. Then I try to cast some heals on myself, switch into bear form and try to last to the cap.

3. Arathi Basin: I haven't done any AB in a while, but I just usually see what the team needs, whether its defense somewhere or pushing offense somewhere else.

4. Eye of the Storm: I think my least favorite BG has to be EOTS. I don't know if its because most of my EOTS end up as losses. As a druid, you could be a good option to run the flag, but my peeve with EOTS is that a lot of the Alliance teams I've been on lately don't seem to understand the basic strategy of EOTS. Please stop fighting in the middle and trying to get the flag when we are down 3-1 in posts. Ok? Thanks.

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