Friday, June 13, 2008

More black lotus info

I think I just may have this black lotus thing down! In case anyone else is in the search, wanted to share these locations with you:

Winterspring: 58.50 (yes I got a second one here) and 31.35
Eastern Plaguelands: 86.47
Burning Steppes: 57.61


  1. I noticed Black Lotus last week in Tyr's hand (eastern plaguelands) while mining some thorium.

    It also spawns in Dire Maul arena sometimes.

    You could also get some from the darkmoon vendors (got some info here).

    I usually just buy it from the auction house - 20g is much easier to farm than running around looking for lotus.

  2. Yeah I know... but as a herbalist, its hard for me to buy herbs.

    I do believe Winterspring will be my zone of choice. Its not that hard for me to get there since as a druid I can port to Moonglade. Then I just run around the edges of the zone. My kitty can take those hills like nobody's business!

  3. I don't know what your take on addons is, but I use Cartographer and there's an Ace2 addon called Routes that you can put a route on your map that shows all the places Black lotus can spawn in a zone, and puts lines on the map to follow.

    I use it for farming all the time it makes it so much faster.