Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Damn you Black Lotus, damn you!

I spent some time yesterday looking for the elusive Black Lotus because I wanted to make some Flask of Supreme Power. Unfortunately I don't know the recipe for Flask of Pure Death yet.

Black lotus is an old world Azeroth herb, which can be found in Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands, Silithus, or Burning Steppes. Reportedly only one can be found at a time in a zone, and the respawn time is like 45-90 minutes. Its not like the Fel Lotus that is picked when you pick something else, the yellow dot for a black lotus node will show up on its own on your minimap. Also I believe I read somewhere that when you are running around these zones searching for them, you should pick every herb you see, otherwise you won't be able to "see" any other nodes. Its almost like the game has a limited memory for how many nodes you can see (its the same for fishing pure water in Nagrand)... though maybe its so people don't go around cherry picking the shiny goods? Black lotus can be herbed off creatures in Outlands such as the mobs in the Dead Mire and the Talonsworn trees in Skettis. But its rare.

So off I went to Azeroth to try my luck. I tried Silithus, Burning Steppes, and Winterspring. I got one the entire time, in Winterspring. To anyone looking for black lotus, I'd suggest Winterspring. That's because while you are looking for the black lotus or waiting for another to respawn, you can make some decent money. There is Icecap and Mountain Silversage all over the zone, which sell for about 25g per stack on my server. If you get tired of doing that, you can go grind on all the owlbeasts (it is a little sad grinding on mobs that look like our moonkin cousins) in the zone. At level 70, the grind is very fast. What you're grinding for is the giant eggs they drop. These sell for 2-2.5g each on Drenden, partly because 12 of them are required for the cooking quest to learn artisan cooking.

K ran around Winterspring for a while yesterday in her search (I got one at 58.50). I had forgotten how pretty and peaceful Winterspring is. Another reason why you should go to Winterspring? Well if you get too tired from all the running around, you can relax and soak yourself in one of the many hotsprings!

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  1. "Black lotus can be herbed off creatures in Outlands such as the mobs in the Dead Mire and the Talonsworn trees in Skettis."

    I think this was changed some time ago, they replaced Black Lotus with Fel Lotus for these mobs.

    Personally I would rather farm anything else than Black Lotus, sell it, and buy BL off the auction house. But if you want to farm it, you may have a look at allakhazam, they got the possuble nodes on maps, just to make sure, that you don't miss anyone. In Burning Steppes for example, Black Lotus can be found at the edges of the zone quite frequently on spots, you may miss easily.