Monday, June 9, 2008

New screenshots

Well this weekend had quite a few things happen and I have a couple of new screenshots to share. First, our Kara runs this weekend had us going up to and downing Shade. This was our second time getting him, but strangely it wasn't all that satisfying. I was just kinda meh about it. Oh, but Maiden did finally drop one of the drops I've been waiting on her for: Mitts of the Treemender. And that night we had Romulo and Julianne for Opera and Romulo's Poison Vial finally dropped for Atania as well! Wow two long awaited drops in one night!

We also made three good attempts at Prince. I would say this was our first real night at him. We tried once before, but it was really really late. Anyways, we wiped each time in phase 2. It was myself and Lonebear, another resto druid healing and it was very very tough to keep our tank up during phase 2. I think we are trying again tonight and bring a third healer, a priest. The run did give me enough badges to get Gown of Spiritual Wonder. See new pic of K to the right. Ooh so pretty! I am also wondering if for the second half of Kara I need to focus less on spirit and MP5 stats and more on +healing. I did a little bit of regemming this weekend for that.

Oh and when we did chess, King's Defender dropped yet again, which no one needed or could use. We didn't have a disenchanter with us, so guess what we did? Our mage friend Alorya asked for it for fun, so if you see a mage running around with the King's Defender... its probably her. Oh and she's probably going to enchant it with +intellect or +fishing or something crazy like that. LOL!

Now I continue to do the fishing dailies because, well... duh, its me. A week or so after they started these dailies, I was awarded my croc friend Muckbreath. I love clicking on him to hear his little groaning sound he makes. Here's the two of us in Nagrand. Oh and what's that hat I'm wearing? Well that was another award I got a while back from a fishing daily, Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat. I think it matches my new dress quite nicely. I love it, because I never need to carry around lures anymore.

So I already have one croc pet, but low and behold, this weekend, I got a friend for Muckbreath, Toothy! Here's the two of us in Zanga. Now I just need their siblings, Chuck and Snarly.

Finally, this weekend I got enough WSG marks to get Gladiator's Kodohide Legguards. Now I know I said that was development need #4, but doing battlegrounds is the one thing on that list I can do by myself. So I went a bit crazy and ran WSG and AV (it was AV weekend) until I felt I could do them in my sleep. I now have the full Kodohide set! Just call me Ms. Spidey. I also slapped on Glyph of the Gladiator on my pvp helm, available at revered rep with SSO. Next I will probably go for Gladiator's Salvation as suggested by Mosshoof. After such a heavy bg weekend, I have a couple thoughts on running bgs as a resto druid. I am by no means really good at pvp... my reaction time is still way too slow, but I'm getting better. I'll probably post a separate post about this later this week.


  1. That is a great looking gown. Does it come in plate?

    It's a good thing that King's Defender already dropped for Jess. Had it not and it dropped that night without Jess being there (I was on my mage) I think I would still be there, lying on the ground in the fetal position. I love my KD.

  2. Grats on getting to Prince. My experience has been that Prince is the hardest fight in Kara. Once you can beat him, you'll be able to handle all of them (although Illhoof without a warlock is challenging too).

    And grats on all the various lewts!

  3. Reading your blog for quite some time now (probably since when my own druid hit the 50 and it was sure that I would level her up to 70) really induces a feeling of happiness when reading on your progress - quite like doing progress myself ;)

    I'm surprised how well K looks in that gown (for priests, this dark green sucks, as there are only very few other cloth-items that match it anyway).

    I wish you good luck on your further attempts on the Prince. It is definitely not the toughest fight for the tank (Nightbane beats the s**t out of tanks *sigh*) but the needs for the raid to move are definitely harder then they were on Aran. We used to mark one ranged (a DD would do best) with a star or whatever fancy mark he/she likes so one player gives direction for the ranged-DDs + healers. (Positive sideeffect: If infernals rape you, you always got one person to blame :p)

  4. it's all about infernal placement... last time i was in there, we took 3 attempts, and all 3 times we got anfernals on top of the melee... which sucks when melee is doing 35% of the damage...

    what's sad its i'm working on Kael and Vashj, and yet i've never seen Prince die...

  5. Thanks everyone and thanks simplymod for such a nice comment.

    Yes, I love my new robe. I love how it sorta matches the rest of my outfit as well. I look very earthy.

    Update on Prince is that we got him down to 6%. So we are sooo close!

  6. Prince down to 6% is just like having Prince at 0%. Try to have all cooldowns ready when hitting 30%. If you survive Phase 2 with him dual-wielding then there should be no real problems. Have a dedicated healer for the axes goind around in the raid. Use Healthstones (If you happen to have no warlock, which seems common for your group, then the green stones from Ogrila will do as well) below 30%, mana-classes may use restoration or mad alchemist pots instead of pure mana-pots, use heroism and burn all your cooldowns.

    If your DDs get capped by their aggro then they may want to let Jessika build up a decent amount of aggro before your raid hits 60% of Prince. Phase 1 should be healable for an arbitrary amount of time without loosing much mana.

    Using potions and elixirs like crazy on your first kills can help as well. I'm not sure how the economy on Drenden behaves, but a flask lasts for 2 hours which gives enough time for a serious number of tries and isn't really more expensive then using two elixirs on every try.

    Almost independent on your group setup, battle-rezzes should go to healers > ranged DD > melee-dd. This goes for soulstones as well.