Thursday, May 24, 2012

I just might be crazy enough

Look! I am finally exalted with AB.

It's funny that the image of this achieve is a guy screaming. Interestingly enough my statistics say it took 426 ABs (of which 205 were wins) to achieve this. I kind of thought it would have been more than that.

Anyways. So now what? Well, I am just one achieve away from getting Master of Arathi Basin as well as one achieve away from getting Master of Eye of the Storm. Its EOTS BG weekend this upcoming weekend... so you know where I'll be. Do you think I'll be spending a lot of time this weekend yelling at idiots going for the middle? (Is the sky blue?) Why yes! I believe I will!

Anyways, assuming I eventually get both of those, this means I have two options. Am I crazy and masochistic enough to go after Battlemaster or Justicar? Seriously the thought of doing enough Warsongs to go after either of those achieves pains me deeply.

Perhaps I need some advice from fellow bloggers, Gnomer who has Battlemaster and Pugnacious Priest who has Justicar. But can I really stay sane through that many Warsongs? Will I come out at the other end of this in a straitjacket muttering "Warsong... oh warsong..."? Possible. Very possible. Maybe I just start farming Warsong and see what happens?

In other news I was online when Chanti discovered Tyrande's Doll. I can't complain too much because I never ever do archaeology anymore... well scratch that. I can complain all I want! I looked up my completed artifacts to find that I have completed freakin' 140 common nightelf items with no doll. The bulk of this archaeologizing was done probably 3 months after Cata release. Since then I've been giving archaeology the big fat middle finger.

Perhaps what I could go back to doing is alternating archaeology with queuing up for Warsong Gulch. Or would that just be doubling my pain? But I do want to "finish" archaeology. Sigh.

If you need me I'll be in a corner consoling myself with the only doll I've got, a "gift" given to me by either Chanti or Lororia (I can't remember which... and they wonder why I have a thing against pallys).


  1. Hahaha, oh man that doll is the perfect gift. Seriously this ongoing doll saga is like my favorite thing.

    As for the PVP stuff? Go for it! You can do it! And it'll be such a cool accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations! Go for Justicar!

  3. Don't use that blue doll! I'm serious, it's evil in the worst way.

  4. @Rades and Cyn: Yeah... deep inside I'm know I'm crazy enough to do the achieves. I may even be crazy enough to go after both.

    @Hyperious: Oh! Well when I saw the doll the first thing it reminded me of for some reason was a voodoo doll. That's the evil working!