Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Apparently I'm crazy enough

... to be farming Warsong Gulch. Yes my friends, I have officially lost my sanity. Though honestly I was very surprised during my farming last weekend, as I won a lot more than I lost, some of which became insane farm fests. What I learned is that there is a sub-culture of those of us crazy enough to be farming WSG, because I ran into the same people over and over again. And look!

ZOMG! The third cap for Ironman was pretty close. I had several Horde on me when two priests on my team came to save my ass. I was somewhere around the middle of the field when the first priest pulled me forward, then literally a second later I got pulled by the other priest to our tunnel entrance. Priests who know how to use their leap of faith ability well? Hawt. Damn hawt.

I also had the opportunity to run some BGs again Gnomer and his guildies, as well as PP. Topics of discussion during these BG runs? The differences in how we pronounce the word 'banana' and the impending summer for us US folks vs the impending winter for the Aussie folks. They were talking about how cold it was, though celsius temperatures mean nothing to me. I've gotten the time conversion between us down, but I think converting temperatures between C and F is going to be a lot harder.

In other news I been doing a little bit of old world questing to work on Loremaster. The quest rewards have been quite amusing. Two of my favorites from this past weekend?

Unidentified Cooking Utensil

Speaking of which, how come we don't see offhands when you're running around? I mean you can control click on it to "try it on" but when your toon is running around, you don't see the offhand that you see when you're logging in. Weird. If I could always see my offhand, I just my replace my ledger with this pan.

Green Whelp Shoulderguard

These shoulders crack me up because its singular. Just one. Only one shoulder can be protected. What happens to the other shoulder? I guess its the WoW version of those one shoulder tops and dresses girls wear. It amuses me.


  1. The whelps are just li'l baby dragons - you're not going to get many materials off of them.

    Also, you know what's really cool in your offhand? A shield

  2. yep, you don't need another shoulderpad because you're guarding this side with a shield ;)

  3. @Lorosia: Pffft shields. All the cool kids equip ledgers!

    @Eki: But still! I mean wouldn't the right shoulder get chilly or something? Or wet if its raining?

  4. Clearly you're not familiar with arcane symmetry. If you create half of an item, the other half can be easily mirrored by simply placing it in front of a mirror. This creates the "arcane reflection" which has all the physical aspects of the original. Adding a small amount of material will cause it to also take on the appearance of the original. This is the process which allows for the creation of perfectly symmetrical armor.

    However, if material is in short supply, there is no practical need to add the extra. The item has all the physical properties except for being invisible. As has been pointed out, there is not much on a whelp.

    In other words, don't worry; the armor is perfectly functional on both shoulders.

  5. I'm not sure if this is what you mean but you can press z (by default) to sheathe/unsheathe your weapons so you can see your off-hand. :)

    Winjin-Grim Batol