Friday, June 8, 2012

The musical raid that wasn't

Last night was supposed to be our musical Dragon Soul run. However, it didn't really end up being the run I wanted it to be. I think some people appreciated it, but there were enough voices who made it clear that they thought it was lame or didn't give a damn that it just ruined it for me. I stopped doing it after the first two songs.

Here's what gets me. No one except guild and raid leaders understand what its like to continue to keep a raid engaged, in this pre-expansion lull along with Diablo 3 being out. Not everyone is playing Diablo 3. Crazy, but true. So Jess and I are constantly trying to fill our raids, in a time when we have increasing absences along with complete no-shows or last minute cancels. And its only going to get worse this summer. It's not that I begrudge folks missing raids, I understand, things happen. Summer happens. Life happens.

But understand that Jess and I spend a lot of time and energy trying to keep the guild happy. Trying to make our raid time worthwhile and entertaining. Trying to fill holes and find replacements. So that we can at least do something. Perhaps planning so that the eleventh-million-th time we kill boss X in Dragon Soul, it may be a little different. So I not only spent a lot of time to plan out the songs for this musical run, but had also started thinking what else I could do for other runs.

As Beru was listening to me vent last night, we were talking about how guild/raid leaders feel the pressure to keep folks entertained. Almost in a way feeling responsible for their guildies' time in game... that it's still fun. Essentially to continue to entertain somehow. Otherwise we could say, hell lets just cancel all raids until the expansion, right? But we don't. We're still making an effort. I just don't think it's really realized. Finally Beru asked a good question... who is trying to make sure that our time as guild/raid leaders is fun? Mmmm.

I know some folks in the raid did appreciate the musical raid, as they specifically whispered me as such. So I can't put the entire guild in that group. And part of me feels bad that I let the negative voices ruin it for everyone else. But I just couldn't get back in the mood to care and be excited about doing it anymore. Maybe ultimately I wanted it do the musical run because it would have been fun and different for me. For my fun. So maybe I should have told the nay-sayers to shut the hell up and just done it. Oh well. It's over now.

But in case you think a musical run may go over well with your guild, here are my suggestions:

David Essex - Rock On

ACDC - Big Balls

Spongebob makes it even more hilarious.

If I was able to show video for this musical DS run, I would have chosen this version of Jose Gonzales' song Heartbeats:

The Muppets - Rainbow Connection

Run DMC - Walk this Way

Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure

I had a hard time finding options for Ultraxion, and ended up choosing this because of the pressure for everyone except the healers to not screw up the Fading Light and Hour of Twilight. And I love this song.

Edit: Excellent addition with guildie suggestion: Europe - The Final Countdown

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire

George Michael - Monkey

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster

Had a hard time choosing between these two... I love both songs and think they are both perfect for Spine!

Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter Paul and Mary

REM - It's the End of the World


  1. I know I appreciate musical night at the raids. I was singing along (muted, of course).

    Jess and you do a great job keeping us with options. Don't let the negative Neelys get you down.

  2. I love this idea and would love to use it. How exactly do you play the music over vent? Can you run down the process for me?

  3. I loved it. Loved reading the rest of the songs.

    I hated being raid lead for mainly the points you mentioned. It is my job to entertain myself. You guys are fabulous. My Thursday raid not got better since now I have my daugther for the summer every Thursday. So no Thursday date nights except this Thursday.

  4. @Darc and Kal: Thx guys.

    @Darraxus: So when I did a musical ICC run back in the day I do remember running it through vent. But since then I've completely forgotten how to do it (heck I've forgotten last week so no surprise there). There is a way to do it, I wonder if I googled it?

  5. Great idea. Never would have thought to do it. I did sing over vent once. If we downed the boss, I had promisesed I would. But that's about as close as I ever got to your idea. Yeah, you get enough crap as raid leader, just do stuff to have fun with it. :)