Monday, April 14, 2008

An update, a theory, my noobness, and a question

First the update. Us leather wearers in our Kara group had been a bit annoyed by the fact the no leather has dropped the first two weeks in our Kara runs. I told Atania, that when it rains, it'll pour... and pour it did as we had 3 leather drops the other night. Atania got [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation] off of Attumen, Adamas got [Edgewalker Longboots] off Moroes, and I got [Earthsoul Leggings] off Opera (we had the Oz event yet again). Ok so I have upgraded leggings, but honestly... I hate how they look. I really really miss how my kilt looked. /sigh. And Maiden, that silly silly woman didn't drop [Mitts of the Treemender] or [Shard of the Virtuous]. When will she learn that there is no point keeping these drops from me?

We went back last night for Curator, who was one shot again, after which I had to yell at his robotic corpse, 'Curator you are on farm'! He dropped the T4 gloves token [Gloves of the Fallen Defender]. So Adamas, Jess, and I rolled and Jess won. So Jess is a happy tank with T4 gloves now, well as happy as a tank can be... you know, with all that rage they carry around. We then did like 3 or 4 attempts on Shade before we called it because it was late and people had to go. Best attempt got him down to just under 50% I think, and that was with only 6 people for most of the fight. And yes, the two other wipes were due to people moving during flame wreath. It seems like it'll be an easy fight once everyone learns what's going on. Interestingly enough, I was not as frustrated as I was after our Maiden wipes.

Now the theory. I have been herbing a lot lately to gather up all the pretty Fel Lotuses. My theory is this. I think you have a greater chance to pick a Fel Lotus if you are herbing in a very isolated area. I wonder if the longer a plant goes unpicked, the greater the chance it will contain one? The last two days I have gotten a Fel Lotus each time I flew to Eco-Dome Sutheron (the dome north of Stormspire) up in Netherstorm. I never see a single soul in this dome, plus the herbs here seem to have a high chance of containing Nether Residue. Again, I wonder if it's because no one is around to herb these plants.

Next, my noobishness. I may know fishing and I may know healing, but there are still things about the overall game I am clueless about. I did not realize until yesterday that there were such things as orange, green, and purple gems. When I got socketed gear, I would look up the blue gems or yellow gems or red gems. All this time I have been missing out on three classes of gems!!! Major sigh. I had to do some major research and switched out a lot of my gems (less +healing more spirit or MP5) yesterday. I can't believe I've been going this whole time clueless about this. I am a noob!

Finally, a question. So our guild is a small casual guild. We never really have more than 8 or 9 people online, and that's when we're running Kara. I was thinking the other day how we have sped through Kara, finishing half of it in the first two weeks. We're a casual guild, but seemingly progressing at a hardcore pace. So my question is this... is there such a thing as casual raiding?


  1. Raiding can make or break a lot of casual guilds (the one that I was a part of included). My one suggestion is simply to make sure that everyone's on the same page as far as what's expected from them. At the very least, people should understand that they are committing themselves to 9 other people and have the common courtesy to show up prepared and on-time. To me, that is "casual raiding."

    When you start requiring people to invest more time and gold (stocking up on elixirs, flasks, oils, getting gear enchanted, adding more raid nights, etc) then you start to go further down the spectrum towards "hardcore." But as long as the guild makes decisions ahead of time, communicates them to the guild, and stands by them, you should be in good shape.

    Oh, and loot. Loot can be a killer. But those same guidelines apply - just work out the rules ahead of time and make sure everyone's on the same page.

    Also, WoW Insider just did a couple articles about Casual Raiding. This is the most recent one; the first one is linked near the beginning.

  2. Casual raiding? Sure. I's seen a number of small groups make that work (though they usually takes longer to get they groove on...). Howevers, to get beyond Kara seems to require a higher level of organization, enforcement of schedules and consumables, etc. Not that I thinks there be an invisible line between casual and hard-core; is more different points on a continuum.

    What happens once you gots all of Kara on farm status? Dunno. Some guilds progress by recruiting and becoming more hard core, some stay casual. Some manage to do both, and some develop issues. Agrees with Nasirah - communicating and understanding what each other wants will help a lot. Gots faith here what you guys'll make it work, whatever "it" turns out to be.

    Okay, less weighty stuff:

    Gratz on the lewts! Always enjoys seeing me friends be rewarded for theys work. Sorries the don't look as good as yer old kilt, But at least ya gots pretty legs, unlike, say, me friend Big Ungarosh.

    Is good fer all of us to /slap forehead and realize "I's newbish!" from time ta time. Keeps us honest. Well, okay, not me so much. But still. Glad ya gots that whole orange/green/purple thing straightened out. You may want ta check with somebodies when it be time to go shopping fer a meta gem, though. Just to be sure you got it figgered right before ya drops 100+ gold on a big rock.

  3. Thanks guys for your comments!

    Nasirah... I liked that article on wowinsider. What I like was where they said casual guilds can raid, but guilds can't raid casually. Very deep. :)

  4. I think I might bust your herb theory :) Mobs have their loot decided the second they spawn, meaning that for instance, the moment you enter a fresh Karazhan, all the loot you are going to get that week(from Kara obviously) is decided. It's probably the same for herb and mines.

    The feeling of getting more good stuff in a deserted area is more likely down to less herbs getting picked by other, increasing your chance to get the object you want.

    The feeling of luck and bad luck is funny thing anyway. I have a ring and a trinket that both proccs an attack power buff. They both procc once per minute on average. However, when the ring proccs, my char turns red. Guess which one I feel is proccing the most?

    About hardcore vs casual. I think it's a lot in the attitude. My guild raids 3 days a week. Not very hardcore by normal standards. But, we have killed everything up to and including the 2nd boss in Sunwell.
    So "casual" in time use, "hardcore" in attitude and preparation.

    When it comes to pots, elixirs, enchants etc, I think that is a given in every level of raiding. Showing up to a raid with low quality gems, no enchants and so forth is just asking to get a free ride. Unless it's been agreed beforehand between friends ofc.

  5. Those T4 gloves are a sore point with me. In dozens of Curators drops, I've only seen the relevant token once.

    And lost the roll to a warrior alt.

    Who is now no longer playing.



  6. @cusface

    Pots are pretty much a given. If you can't get through a boss fight without using X amount of mana potions, then that's a necessity for you to do your job.

    Elixirs and enchants is a little trickier. They aren't a necessity, they just help you do your job more effectively. But, they can be expensive for casual players to keep up with. Not to mention, a lot of newer raiders might not even know what's available to them. It's not necessarily a case of wanting a free ride.

    If you're a raid leader and you want those things mandatory, then the raiders should be informed, it shouldn't just be a "given." Better to make expectations clear than assume everyone knows.

  7. At least one of those wipes was entirely my fault. I was in berserker stance for DPS since tanking is useless with Shade until he summons the water elementals. He moved away from me and cast wreath of fire. I knew not to move so I figured I would take a few shots at him with my gun while waiting for it to elapse. Unfortunately the key that is bound to shoot in defensive stance was bound to intercept in berserker stance. I hadn't used berserker stance in so long I hadn't updated my bindings.

    On our last wipe my voice had quick working, which I only discovered later, so when I called out that an arcane blast was coming not everyone noticed in time.

  8. @Nasirah: I do also think pots are a given and I think most casual folks also enchant their gear. I think the line is around elixirs and flasks. It's always been easy for me because I am herbalism/alchemy, so I know its more expensive for others to buy them.

    @Jess: So I find when something goes wrong to just blame the tank. More often that not, it's probably true. Because there is no way in hell that the healer could ever be to blame! Heh heh... ;)

    Just kidding Jess! We loves you!