Friday, April 4, 2008

Go Heels!!!

I believe I've previously mentioned that I grew up in Chapel Hill and stayed to do my undergrad at Carolina. The background color of this blog is in fact in honor of my alma mater. The next couple of days are big for all us Carolina fans, as we play Kansas tomorrow night and hopefully we will be playing in the national championship game on Monday night (I'm calling Carolina over UCLA 86-79). I am actually going to try to fly home on Sunday if we win tomorrow night so that I can be in Chapel Hill Monday night and part of the rowdy festivities on Franklin Street if we win.

Now a lot of you may have no interest in college basketball whatsoever. This is a wow blog... but look, there's a good tie in! There is a good reason why all resto druids (and all those who like being healed by resto druids) should be pulling for Carolina the next couple of days. What other school would tie the success of the university to a 300 year old tree? You see... I was always meant to play a resto druid! See here for more about the story of Carolina's Davie Poplar.


  1. Lucks to them Tarheels. Me, I's gonna be rootin' fer Wiggins and the Stanford wimmen's team. You'd like them - they gots a tree too. Not that a simple orc warrior'd know nuthin 'bout college er hoops or anythings