Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where have I been?

I've been right here, where have you been? Ha ha. No, but seriously, last week was a down week for me and the guild... I was busy with work plus we took a week off from raiding seriously. In that week we had some good things happen... some people respecced, got some enchants and some gems.

But we also had some bad things happen. We've lost our second healer. Our friend Suzzy will no longer be able to raid Kara with us regularly. The time difference (understandably so) just has gotten too much for her. So Drenden is a EST server, but we have a couple people on the west coast, one I think in Mountain time, me and a couple others in CST, then a couple on the east coast. The ones who have been on the east coast have been crazy night owls who don't mind going really late. This time zone difference really sucks. I need to stop qqing about it. As our feral druid Adamas says to anyone who qqs too much, "QQ more, your tears are delicious"! He's a hungry bear. But anyways, this means we need another healer. Anyone want to or know of someone who may want to run with us? We're awesome, I swear! And so funny, we often crack ourselves up. Oh, and we're modest too! ;)

The other night we decided just to go for a quick badge run and see what we could do with the group makeup we had. We had Jess tanking and Adamas off tanking. I healed (duh... what else would I do?) and our pally Wut respecced healing for the night. Then we had 2 rogues, 2 mages, a hunter, and a warlock. Attumen was no problem (if it was I would have gouged my eyes out), but I was worried about Moroes. We have had an easy time with Moroes because we've had a priest shackle plus had Jess and Wut tank Moroes and Adamas tank two of the ads. Now we had no priest and only Jess and Adamas be tanky. It was a crazy fight with a couple of deaths and Adamas had to battle rez me and innervate me, but surprisingly we got him down on our first try. Now Maiden was another story. Without a priest's dispel magic and only me and Wut healing, it was really tough. I hate that bee-yotch.

Anyways, in case y'all are itching for some more WOW in your life, may I suggest some products for you:
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