Monday, April 7, 2008

The tree was happy... then sad... then happy again... Maiden and Opera down

Yes, the tree was first happy. We got Maiden down on our second night at her. It was very funny because we had been wiping again... but got her down with only 9 of us when our rogue D fell asleep. Having one less melee dps in with her not doing the chain damage thing must have made some diference. With the group makeup we had, this was definitely a lesson in people filling out different roles as necessary. When we finally got her down, Wut was focusing entirely on Jess, dispelling magic on Jess as well as healing her for when I would be repenting (I've actually been really good lately... no idea what Im repenting). Suzzy was then responsible for dispelling magic on everyone else and that allowed Imdestiny to focus on dps. Adamas was great because he'd dps, or battle rez, or backup heal, or innervate (I loves them druids and no I'm not biased...).

I think our hunter Nio has developed a bit of a crush on Maiden. She's a big girl, but I think Nio is man enough to handle her. Apparently Nio has invited Maiden to join our guild. She's thinking about it. In return for his crush, she dropped for him [Gloves of Quickening]. Now I wonder what Wut is doing in this pic? I think he's trying to see if Maiden is pulling a Britney Spears. Maiden was the first boss that had two drops I really really want. I will have to hope for [Mitts of the Treemender] and [Shard of the Virtuous] to drop next time.

Then the tree was sad because Carolina lost to Kansas in the final four over the weekend. The two teams I picked to meet in the finals, Carolina and UCLA both lost... badly. /sigh. Jess had asked me why I hadn't posted about us taking Maiden down. It was because I was too sad about this Carolina loss to post on this blog. I'm slowly getting over it... but still very very sad. Especially because I think we are better than we played Saturday night. Oh well, there's always next year.

Finally, the tree was happy again. We went last night to go for opera and were met by the Oz event. I actually thought that Oz would be the easiest for us... and it was true. We took them down on our first shot with no one dying! I was going to be a little worried if it was Romulo and Julianne. What do you guys think is the hardest opera event? Or does it depend on the group composition?

What's so fun about Kara now is knowing that whatever drops, it is going to be an upgrade for someone. Our mage Vel got [Ruby Slippers] which I think are so cute. We then tried Curator twice, but didn't get him down. We may try again tonight and I think we should be able to get him.

Oh so another reason the tree ended the weekend in a happy note. We had two members join our guild this weekend, Buns the warlock and Imdestiny our shadow priest who had been running Kara with us. Ranged dps FTW! Atania and I were reminiscing back to a couple of months ago when it was pretty much just Atania, Wut, Jess, and I regularly playing in our guild. Now we have enough people to fill out a group for Kara and two weeks into running Kara, we have four bosses down. My, my how far we've come!


  1. /cheer

    Unrelated: one can't help but notice but what you have a very tall guild...

  2. A very sad tree here as well on the Carolina loss.

    Gratz on the Kara progression. As for opera events, Big Bad Wolf is the one we like least. We can down him no problem, but we can also suffer quite a bit of attrition in doing so. "Run away little girl, run away!"

  3. @ratshag... yes, we are all for those who are vertically challenged, but haven't had any join us until now. Buns our new warlock is a gnome!

    @gillir... sigh sigh sigh. But I am glad Kansas won last night... even though they beat us, I was rooting for them with all the Carolina connections. I actually can't wait to see big bad wolf. I think the running around being chased is going to be hilarious... until people die from it. :)

  4. Romeo and Julienne can be the hardest, but overall they are all fairly easy... they are a lot of fun on their own way, though. My favorite is BBW... it's a lot of chaos :P

  5. Congratulations on doing so nicely :)

    The Maiden never really drops that Shard. I would know. All our healers are complaining and we don't manage to down the Prince all that much ...

    Keep going!