Thursday, April 10, 2008

Raiding snacks and drinks

Today I'd like to discuss a very important topic, one that is essential to successful gaming, as well as near and dear to my heart. Yes, that would be food... or snacking. I don't know if this makes us odd or not (probably yes?), but our guild often discusses what we're eating or drinking. It's always pretty interesting. Atania loves her Trader Joe's gingersnaps, I think Nio mentioned one time he likes pickled herring and beer, and Jess often brings out the cheap scotch. Now is being a tank really that stressful Jess? Even when Suzzy and I are healing you? So what exactly is K snacking on while raiding? Here's my top 5.

5. Diet coke with lime: Now usually I don't drink much soda, and I don't like to drink much diet soda, because I'm convinced that too much of the stuff that makes it diet may make you thinner but will give you cancer (bad tradeoff). But this is someting I treat myself to once in a while, and works well when I'm tired and need a little caffeine pick me up. What I love is the lime! I wish they'd make regular coke with lime, but you never see it. I guess I could just buy regular coke, then buy limes... hmmm.... light bulb turning on...

4. Dark chocolate: Simple, but truly a classic. Doesn't matter what brand, but the darker the chocolate, the happier I am. Plus dark chocolate is supposed to be good for your heart because of those flavonoids. Apparently you should be having 1.6 ounces of it daily. You see, it's all for my health I tell ya!

3. Tea: Sometimes when Im getting stressed out over wipes or nervous about something I find tea very calming. I like to go with different flavors of green tea or different fruity teas with honey. I'm telling you, you are not going to be at your best when your nerves are frazzled. The only drawback to this and #5 is that too much of either can have you constantly annoying your guildies with 'brb bio'.

2. Trader Joe's Baked Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies: Omg these are my new favorite things. It used to be Trader Joe's White Cheddar Corn Puffs, but these have taken over. Now I was a bit worried about the crunch factor... because they are incredibly crunchy. Would I be blasting my guildies' ears with my powerful crunching? Luckily, no. So I can continue to enjoy their delightful spicy cheesiness. Plus, they're baked, not fried... so they're good for you! (/sigh... the things I tell myself). Only drawback to these is that they are a bit messy. You have to watch out for the crumbs on the keyboard or the cheesiness on your fingers.

1. Mochi Ice cream: The overwhelming winner for me, as Atania and Jess well know, is mochi ice cream. I love the ones Trader Joe's (hmm is there a theme here in where I shop?) carries, especially their mango and chocolate flavors. What makes them the perfect raiding snack? Well let's say your group is taking a short break. Who has time to go get a bowl and scoop out ice cream? With mochi ice cream, you just pop one out and can come right back. Now you do still have to be careful of possible brain freeze and the powdered sugar on them can also be messy, but I'm telling you... mochi ice cream, they totally pwn me... I cannot stop.

So tell me, what is your favorite raiding snack?


  1. Murloc toes! They's like jelly beans, only crunchier. Although yer jalapeno cheese doodle thingies sound good - I may try me some of those.

    That, and I keep the small fridge next to me PC stocked up on Diet Coke. No limes.

  2. Wait a minute! I was drinking cheap scotch ONCE while playing with you, and it was while farming in Zang, and I was playing Aksana (with a frost mage everything is "on the rocks"). And now I am the tanked tank? Ok, so I made a pass at a Bog Lord, but they look so cuddly.

    You know, I bet the coke and lime would taste even better with a bit of bourbon.

  3. Don't say I didn't warn you Ratshag! Those jalapeno cheese things are super addictive.

    Sure sure Jess... maybe your shield really isn't all that crooked but you've just been hitting the scotch too hard? :)

  4. During raids I usually only drink tea(twining's earl grey with milk) and water. Makes me go to the can all the time, but when you're a hunter, you can turn on autoshot and leave during trash :P

  5. Cusface - So our friend Adamas has a hunter alt he has been running in some lower level instances... ZF, Ulda... it floors me how he can type so much in guild chat while he's in the middle of the instance. I've asked how the heck he does it... whenever I've been in an instance, I always have had to concentrate 100%! His answer? Im playing a hunter.

  6. hmmmm....Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.

  7. Our raid leader is always crunching on very hard things. It sounds like he's chewing on rocks. He says it's peanuts. I think it's rocks, mostly because that would just be hardcore.

  8. @Keredria - hehe, looks like he's got the raiding hunter attitude down then.
    On bosses, however, playing a hunter to max potential is quite hard work. Small errors in timing can severely lower dps due to some funky mechanics.
    Still nowhere being a healer or tank. I've tanked Kara on my alt, and it's constant focus and presence on trash as well or the raid just stops.