Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're getting spoiled... Curator down

Last night marked the end of the second week of running Kara. Now it took some time for all of us to get ourselves together in the beginning. While we were waiting for everyone, I decided to do some fishing right outside Kara. Atania got tired of dueling D and decided she'd come watch the master in action. She had to tell D to stop jumping around so as to not scare the fish. What was I fishing for? [Crescent-Tail Skullfish] to cook into [Skullfish Soup]. The soup sells for a pretty penny (1.7 g each on Drenden) on the AH or our casters could always use them. In 10 minutes of fishing, I got 14 of them. I think the chances of getting them are higher the higher your fishing skill is. So use your +100 lures.

Now we headed into Curator the same way we went before... through the back door. We had some silly wipes on the trash but made it to Curator pretty quickly. Jess was trying to show me where to stand (ahem, which I knew very well...) and she aggroed him. So thus started the fight. We changed our strategy a bit from last time and had Adamas tank/corral the astral flares because last time they were coming too close to us softies and just running around all over the place. The three ranged dpsers Imdestiny, Vel, and Nio stood on the carpet right in front of him and Suzzy and I each took one corner of a pillar on either side of them. I think the ranged dpsers focused a lot of the flares because last time the rogues and Adamas took a bit of time to go from the flares back to Curator when he was evocating, wasting some valuable time. Now I did pass out Arcane protection potion, but I really don't know how much it did. Despite the unplanned start, we took him down on this first shot with only Suzzy dying, followed by a quick battle rez of her.

We then decided to just clear some more trash, which worked out well because we had two more epics drop off trash. We have had a good number of epics drop off trash... TWO [Boots of Elusion] for our tanks (they are going to start looking like twins as they both have these boots and the bracers from Attumen), [Truestrike Ring] for our lucky hunter Nio, and [Grasp of the Dead] for our fire mage Vel in case the fireyness gets too much for her and she wants to cool down a bit to spec frost one day. Now is this common to have a lot of epics drop off trash? In terms of loot, the only ones in our group who haven't taken any loot from Kara yet are Atania, Adamas, and myself. I told Atania that hopefully it'll come... that when it rains, it'll pour. She said she's waiting for a major storm then. :)

Now back to the title of this post. Second week into Kara, we've finished 5 bosses. I keep telling others that I am nervous for when we will hit the wall. We thought it'd be Maiden, then we get her. Then we thought it might be Curator, then we get him. As Atania said, I think as a group we play better than our gear may show. So looking at our group makeup or our gear, it may not look like we should be as far as we are... but it can all be explained by our new guild tagline, 'We pwn bc we iz leet'. Also up to this point, we've run with just two healers when most everyone told us as newbies we should start with three. Now, just how much longer can we go with only two healers?


  1. Curator is generally considered a gear check so if you're downing him, you're doing OK. It sounds like you guys are progressing quite well. Gratz.

  2. Sigh. I guess I should have known you'd know what to do. Just fake ignorance though. Tank raid leaders have delicate egos. ;)

    We made another adjustment to our strategy this time which may have helped. When the evocation phase started we had the melee DPS divert to The Curator and let the ranged DPS deal with the remaining flare. As important as it is to burn-down the flares, the sooner you can get The Curator to 15% (at which point he no longer spawns the flares) the better.

  3. Wow, you guys are just flying through! Gratz on your leet-ness!

  4. If you can run so far with only two healers (and realtively undergeared tanks... no slight on the tanks intended) you are doing quite well and should be congratulated.

    Illhoof might be a challenge to keep the sacrifice up with only two healers, but if you have quick dps, you could do it. Aran is all raidhealing anyway... lifebloom ftw! Nightbane could be a challenge during the rain of bones. Nethersprite is do-able. Chess is a non-issue.

    Prince will test your HoT uptime skills, as it will up to you and you alone to keep the tank alive when the group is moving to avoid the Infernals. To say nothing about the last phase when the axes are coming at the group left and right.

    But like all things, it can be done. Our group usually farms Kara with three healers, but that is mainly because we have enough healers that need/want gear and badgers and are lazy! With mostly Kara level gear, two healers is all you need. I am very impressed you all are doing as well as you are now. Keep it up!

  5. It's very possible to clear Kara with 2 healers. Nightbane may be the hardest thing to do with 2 healers, but if you a have a hybrid then you should be ok.

    Trash drops are fairly common... we started giving the boots of elusion to fury warriors and holy pallys by now, and we've had to shard a few Inferno Waist Cords.