Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've become a big fan of emoting. I stuck with only the standard emotes for a long time, until I learned that you can /em anything. Anything! Our king of emotes is our gnome mage Nkm, pictured here with Buns. I made them stand for a pic because they are so freakin' cute.

Anyways, here's an emote "conversation" from a while back with Nkm when we were waiting to start a raid run and I had my Seb (Magical Crawdad out):

Nkm is sad because he really hates fishing and he'll never be able to get the Magical Crawdad and then he won't be able to get the 75 pets achievement
Keredria is thinking that is a long ass emote

Seriously though, Nkm really has the funniest emotes, which I think I expressed as an emote. And just as an update, he did get the Magical Crawdad. :)

However, Nkm is not the only emoter in the guild. Our rogue Terrondris is a big emoter when he isn't busy teabagging anyone who has died (which is another post all together). One emote that he has somehow reserved strictly for me (I'm touched T, just touched) is:

Terrondris pats Keredria's bedonkadonk

Its funny because I was in IF one day and a lower level stranger who I did not know at all emoted patting or pinching my bedonkadonk! I immediately knew that it was one of T's alts and whispered him.

Another reason that I love emoting is that it allows you to talk across factions. When I encounter asshat Hordies, I am a big emoter. But when I run across Horde who has helped me in some way, or waited their turn to finish some daily, I emote thanks to them as well.

Now the other day when the fishing daily was to get the Terrorfish in Wintergrasp, I get there to see this:

Whoa, holy crap! I've never seen a concentration of so many fishers outside of the fishing tournament. Anyways, we're all working on getting our fish, when I notice that a Horde rogue (I forget his name) was stealthing around flagged. He was kind of going from person to person, standing behind them and emoting a number of things. I'm not sure if he was trying to start something or what. But it seemed that everyone else was just ignoring him. However when he came to me:

Keredria wonders why "Hordie rogue" has nothing better to do
"Hordie rogue" laughs.
"Hordie rogue" agrees.
"Hordie rogue" wishes Keredria luck and bids Keredria farewell!


  1. I love free-form emotes. Mostly because they allow me to be wildly inappropriate around our female guild members.

    They love it, though.

  2. Wait, you can /em cross faction? I always just get "hordie makes some strange gestures" or the like...


  3. If you use Fubar you can get EmoteFu which is great - you don't have to remember all the right words.

    You can only cross faction emote a few things, sadly http://www.wowwiki.com/Emote Gives a lot of information.

    But you're right, nothing beats making your own up.

  4. @Misneach: Totally! Its funny how somewhat inappropriate comments (like patting my bedonkadonk) are somehow cute and funny when emoted.

    @Maerdred: Yes, I'm not sure if you can do the standard emotes cross faction. But I just "/em" and then type whatever I want to say.

    @Sephrenia: There are definitely a ton of standard emotes!

  5. aww, thanks K, that's really nice. glad i can give people a laugh every once in a while.

    and buns and i do look pretty cute there.

  6. Speaking of teabagging the dead...our druid tank likes to do that...in bear form.

    Lemme tell ya, there's little that's quite as humiliating as hairy bear nuts on your face while waiting to be rezzed...

  7. I think I'm gonna hold on to "Hairy Bear Nuts on Your Face" as a possible album title.

    Thanks, Khol!

  8. Wow I've had a lot of special memories and milestones on this blog, but when the phrase "hairy bear nuts on your face" is mentioned twice, it's a special special day.

  9. Just doing my part for the internet.

  10. You can't /em insertmessagehere across factions. It will come up as "Keredria makes some strange gestures.", which is probably what the rogue laughed at. :P Only standard WoW emotes work.

  11. @elysiane: aww... really? boo.

  12. You cannot see /em emotes across faction, but you can see regular good old emotes. Fo sho.