Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bringing up the next K

I got my adorable little mini me, the Teldrassil Sproutling about a week ago. Its a big responsibility bringing up the next generation of trees, and I take the responsibility of raising K 2.0 very seriously. There's a lot to teach this little twig! I started by giving her a lecture on all she needed to learn.

But she seemed a bit confused and all I saw on her face was a wooden stare (lawl), so I decided I needed to show her what it meant to be my mini me. First I tried to take her herbing, though not to too much success. Apparently this little one finds herbing a bit boring for her taste? Blasphemy my little one, blasphemy!

Ok ok, how about fishing little K?

I also took her around to celebrate her first holiday.

Ok so there's herbing, and fishing, and taking part in world events. But I also needed to introduce her to the world of raiding, thus off to Ulduar we go! I was hoping that my sister tree Indi could help me focus the little one beyond falling asleep and dancing.

But instead of following our lead in throwing out our hallelujah praise the lord branchy HoTs, she got distracted by Vel's beauty.

Sigh... this little twig has a long way to go, but we'll get there. Its quite exhausting though being a student and a teacher!


  1. Awwww. I so need to go get on with my Argent tournament dailies and grab one of those.

  2. Cute post; keep up the good work as always!

  3. She has your hair...or...umm...leaves?

  4. @Leafy: Yes, you HAVE to get one.

    @Justin: Aw, shucks... thanks!

    @Misneach: She definitely does! I think she's also picked up my 'tude.

  5. Nice post, my smile grew with each shot...