Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did you ever know you were yourself?

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend mornings to get up, make some great yummy coffee, and log in to do some relaxing herbing. As my guildies have heard me say, herbing + coffee = love.

However, this weekend, I had more than just herbing and coffee. I had a little humor too. Hopefully BRK (yes that BRK) will not mind me posting this, but it was just too funny! Apparently BRK owes his readers something? An explanation or something?


  1. Yeah, he never quit being around, just scaled back somes. But what the hey is "new Hobbes"??!?!?

  2. It just really amused me that they had him "prove" that he was himself and explain why he was in the game.

    Some really funny lines in that whole conversation as well!

  3. See? Stuff like that makes me wish I was on Drenden. Although I do have a level 10-ish Pally there. Maybe I'll start playing him more so I can stalk all my fellow bloggers.

  4. @Misneach: You have a bebeh pally on our server? You should come play with us!

  5. Yup. He was born a while ago. He may even be lower than 10, because I think I abandoned the poor guy in Goldshire.

    Maybe one day soon I'll go blow the dust off of him and make sure he hasn't been knocking too many back at the inn.

  6. Why are all the blogger on Drenden and Feathermoon???

    WTB more bloggers on my server


  7. @Khol: As far as I know it's only Megs and me on the 'Hoof, and Megs retired from blogging.

  8. I sometimes get random people jump onto level 1 alts to say hi (sometimes even from other servers).

    It's nice.. I like being recognised, and I love it when people will randomly tell me they read my blog and enjoyed it. :)

    Conversely I like it when people I know, or people from my server that I recognise get onto my blog and say hello.

    And the few times people have said hi when I post on the official forums. :)

  9. @Khol Drake: cuz Drenden rocks baby!

    @Keeva: Yeah, its always fun when a stranger or someone you know who you didn't know read your blog says something to you.

    Now if only I can get some of the Claws and friends in game who I know read this blog to comment more...

  10. Awhile ago it seemed like we had quite a few bloggers on Drenden. I remember Positive Warrior and A View from Behind for example, but I think both have retired.