Monday, May 18, 2009

Where K gets pwned by Blizz

After a lot of going back and forth about whether I was really going to go to Blizzcon, I finally decided to do so. But then what happens? I totally got pwned by Blizzard! I was not able to get tickets on Saturday. Boo. Apparently when they say tickets go on sale at 10 am Pacific, they mean you can enter the queue earlier than 10 am. Knowing this, I'll have to try again on the 30th.


  1. Keredria, we checked at about 9:59 and the ticket window was available. Brade was person 459 in queue and I was about 1000 in queue (we were only about 5 seconds apart!). Two of the other quys in our guild were less than 2 minutes in after us and were 5000 in queue. I was able to purchase their tickets for them and Brade purchased ours.

    Good luck on the 30th snagging some tickets! I hope that you can get some!

  2. @Beru: Congrats on getting your tickets! Hopefully I will be faster with the clicky clicky on the 30th.

    Geez, you'd think I'd have super fast clicky fingers by now with all the healing I do via clicking boxes in Grid...

  3. I have super speedy clicking fingers, and I still failed and ended up at over 6000 in queue (and thus not getting tickets either).

    If I don't get them on the 30th, I'll be a very sad tree. :(