Thursday, May 21, 2009

The many sides of K

Some cute random screenshots because well, they are cute... and well, I am random.

Here I am sitting like a lady at the Argent Tournament. I love how my hands are so nicely folded in my lap.

Here is the total opposite of the pic above, K being a total badass by driving a chopper for Flame Leviathan. She is yelling at everyone to get out of her freakin way.

The real K? Well probably a little bit of both proper and badass. Finally, Jess and I stopped bickering long enough to peacefully fish side by side. Funny part is that while we agreed enough to be fishing, we are fishing on totally opposite sides and casting our lines across each other!


  1. Don't Cross the Lines!!!!!

    Cute pics, K =)

  2. We teh fishes bishes!

    @fallinghleavesandwings: Heh. You beat me to it. Who ya gonna call?

  3. Good job showing that skanky confessor how to behave like a lady in public, K.