Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ignis and Kologarn down - No room for slackers!

Hope everyone had a good long weekend. As for the Claw, we had two new kills in Ulduar, Ignis and Kologarn. We actually got down Kologarn first:

Next was Ignis, which we finally got down! And can I just say that I <3 Rejuv + Swiftmend glyph + Swiftmend to deal with the crotch pocket?

I think Ignis sort of became our Shade of sorts. While we had gotten to the point over the last week or so where Razorscale and XT-002 were easily kills, Ignis was still giving us trouble. It gave us so much trouble that Kalthan refused to die on the ground:

It was definitely gratifying to get down two bosses who we had trouble with just the week before, but almost strange to see them go so smoothly. I think I held my breath for most of the Ignis fight! And yes, there was a lot of discussion over whether Ignis was a tank fight or healer fight or dps in charge of the constructs gone wild (DVD to come out shortly) fight.

Now compared to Naxx runs, I think that there is no room for slackers in Ulduar. Naxx was easy enough that you could have a person not completely pull their weight or not know a fight or move out of the way of something. Others could pick up the slack. But there is certainly no room for that in Ulduar!

I felt that our Kologarn and Ignis kills required all 10 of us to really be at the top of our game, kicking ass individually and together. One person screws up, its a wipe... which is why I think both kills were achieved with all 10 folks up at the end. It did sorta put the pressure on everyone though, knowing how important they were. But the fact that you are running with 9 other folks who not only kickass and really know how to play, but are also damn funny and who you truly enjoy running with, and it all adds up to a pretty damn good time (what's up with all the damns, right?) Iron Council, we iz coming for yous!

Finally, I haven't talked about drops for a while, but I just had to mention this. I have finally upgraded my weapon! I got Plasma Foil off XT-002. Wanna know what it replaced? War Mace of Unrequited Love. Yes friends, I've had a mace from heroic Nexus this whole entire time. /embarassment


  1. Grats on your success K! And on the nice loots! =)

  2. @Beru: Thanks! Im sure it seems like easy sauce to everyone else doing 10 or 25 man Yogg-Saron... but raiding on a more casual basis has us behind what a lot of other folks are working on.

    Anyways, I am so glad I finally upgraded my weapon, even if I did like the name of my old mace more.

  3. pfft...your achievements are your achievements and you are right to be proud of them!

    I never really did understand the "welcome to last month" type of trolling comment that tends to predicate public forums.

    If you spend the time and work on something, it is still something to be proud of, regardless of if you did it the day the instance came our, or four months after the instance released. If anyone tells you any different let me know! I will be sure to shake my wet leaves on them...or perhaps my branches will sway a little more than expected in the wind (think whomping willow!) ;-)

  4. Me - I don't care what drops I'm not letting go of my love mace :)