Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Better with drinks?

Anyone else think that their raids are a little more successful with drinks? I think some of our guildies perform best after just one or two drinks, where some folks seem to perform better with even more than just one or two drinks (you know who you are!). Personally, I am not a big drinker, but I would say on average our guild raids seem to do best when folks are just a bit more relaxed after that first drink or two.

On a more serious note, I'm curious what people think about the relation between gear and skill in success. I've seen first hand skill outperforming gear, but how far can skill get you? Would skill play into 60% of success and gear 40%? 55% and 45%? 70% and 30%?


  1. We used to have a Pally who would get hammered and run instances with us. I don't know if it improved his performance, but it made the run more enjoyable. Drunken healing FTW!

    I don't know if I can put percentages on gear and skill, because to a degree I think it depends on the class/role, but I can say I'd rather run with skilled people who don't have the best gear than run with well-geared people who suck at playing their class (and there are quite a few of them running around).

  2. My raids always go better for me once I get outside of a few drinks. Even more alcohol makes things even smoother, though.

    Can't really say the same for the rest of the raid...

  3. Successful? Not necessarily. Pleasurable? Tolerable? OMG yes. We've expanding our list of "raid consumables."

  4. I've had hilarious and painful experience with drunken raid members. On one the healer got so drunk she passed out, up until that point she was great, but a bit hard to understand. We'd have continued but her BF was so stoned at the time he didn't couldn't stop laughing long enough to wake her up.

    Another time a caster DPS got too drunk to read the loot messages from the master looter and got pissed off and yelled at people in Vent when he screwed up bidding DKP. That wasn't any fun.

  5. Ha!

    I had a post along these lines a while back..

    Just like drinking at the pub while playing pool... there is a very thin line between improving performance, and drooling all over your clothes...

  6. I really do think we are just a bit more relaxed with some drinks and perform better on average. But yes, there is a very fine line to toe.

  7. I can toe that line, but I don't think I can walk a straight one.

  8. If I get trashed during a raid, I THINK I'm healing really well, but the meters afterwards say differently =P

    But I think that when I've got just a couple glasses of wine in me, I do heal a bit better ^^

    @Khol: Nice avatar! I love that game. ^^

  9. It helps if one knows one's tolerance so you know where the line between performance enhancement and slobbering on your keyboard is.

    @Averna: thanks! 10 years was too long to wait for a proper sequel!