Monday, May 4, 2009

Bunnehs take over Ulduar

We went back to Ulduar for the second time this past weekend. While we were waiting for the group to form one night, we thought we'd amuse ourselves by turning into bunnies at the stone. Why? Because everything is better with bunnehs. (And yes, they are spelled that way.)

I thought it was super cute that a rogue's stealth and a shammy's shield thingie also translates in bunny form, though its a little hard to see Atania's stealthing bunny behind me in this pic on the left:

After a bit, a bunch of folks from a horde guild started showing up. I'm not sure if they were wanting us to get flagged or what, but they started standing in the middle of our little bunny party and casting aoes and whatnot. I emoted myself nibbling on a bunch of their ankles, unfortunately to no response:

Ok, on to serious business now. Here is a shot of us after one shotting XT-002, who I hear has been nerfed, but was fun nonetheless. Surprisingly, I didn't find the raid damage too bad to heal during the tantrums. Though maybe that was because I had a kickass priest and fantabulous tree healing with me (Hai2U Suzzy and Indi!) There were a couple comments from the boys that XT-002 was clearly a female because "she" has tantrums. /sigh

However, we had some trouble with getting Razorscale down. I think at first we weren't bringing her down fast enough with the harpoons. We were trying to wait until we cleared some more of the trash before bringing her down, but then we weren't getting enough dps on her. Then when we got that part down, we had to figure out how to navigate her and the raid around during the second phase. But finally, we got her!

I must say though that this Razorscale kill felt incredibly good and satisfying. I was proud that we were clearly improving and learning the fight during each attempt and no one was negative throughout all of the wipes. Yeah, wiping sucks, but people were positive pointing out that we were clearly getting better and what we could do next time. When we got her down, I think the 10 of us were all performing at our peak individually and as a collective unit. I must say that I was much more proud of this boss kill than any of our boss kills in Naxx. It reminded me of how we felt when we downed Shade or Prince back in the day in Kara.

Or maybe the secret to getting Razorscale down is to turn your raid members into bunnehs. Of course I had to make the comment, "Y'all are my bunneh bitches!" Heh heh. Sorries guildies.

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