Thursday, April 30, 2009

Resto druid services?

Atania was taking a break from her prime number maths last night and pointed out a funny advertisement(?) on trade chat. Let's take a look, shall we?

Now I have to wonder... exactly what is this female resto druid doing during raids to liven things up in vent? How exactly is she making raids not so "depressing"? Is she simply speaking as a female? Is she boosting the male ego by cooing "Ooh Mr.(insert male toon name here), you are so strong! So awesome!" Is she reading scandalous stories to the group? Does she simply state "OMG guys I haz the bewbs!!!!" Seriously, does a flirty female really liven a raid up or just cause more drama?

What I also find amusing is that she lists herself as a female resto druid. Why does it matter if she is a resto druid with 500+ IMBA rating? Isn't the crux of what she is selling simply the "friendly female" bit? What does it matter what class she is and whether she can play at all?

Finally, how she is getting paid? Drops? In-game gold? A raiding spot in a hardcore progression guild? Real life cash? Geez, I liven up our raids for free not with friendly flirting (please...) but with smart, sarcastic, witty banter. I had no idea I was giving away something so valuable for free!


  1. We have several women in our guild. When we team up with other guilds and we all start talking in vent, the first time one of the ladies talks there's a flood of "Holy Crap! It's a girl!" from the other guys.

    There's even one guy in our own guild who gets all hot and bothered whenever my wife, Cheesi, hops on vent.

    Doesn't take much to liven up someone's raid. I don't think fake flirting is even necessary in most cases.

  2. @Misneach: I have heard this before... just simply being a female "livens" things up. I guess its just hard for me to realize since #1. I am female and #2. Our guild has always had other females.

    Boys are silly.

  3. @K: "Boys are silly."

    And there you have it. No further explanation or deeper reasoning required.

  4. Ugh just UGH!! It's a tricksy circle I say. If guys would stop "zomg a girl" ing, these kind of girls would stop...whatever it is ya call what she's doing. And Vice versa.

  5. We have many ladies in our raiding guild and the leveling guild I'm a member of. Most of them are really awesome to work with and possibly provide the core raiding group, including a tank (which I find female tanks a rarity).
    Also, females are much more common now in Wrath than back in Vanilla. I remember when I hit 58 with my holy priest I was still quite a noob and ZG was still one of the harder instances to get into (this was pre-BWL btw). I had a friend in the highest raiding guild on the server I knew through RP who pulled me in, at level 58, into their raid group. I was so psyched until I spoke in vent and said hi. I swear the raid got quiet and one person responded "OMG, it's an actual girl". I never really went back.

  6. @Lady Jess: It's like mailbox dancing. The only reason female toons still dance naked on mailboxes is because people still give them gold for it.

    And that brings us back to: Boys are silly.

  7. Personally i think what the person is doing is using the Liven up part in reference to healing. And using the imba to say how good her gear is. And hey having an actual female in the group instead of one of us posturing males might be kinda refreshing.

  8. 1: Boobs are a commodity. I would think you're old enough to know this by now ;)

    2: Sausage parties are boring unless you're into that sort of thing.

  9. @Lady Jess: I definitely agree its a tricksy circle.

    @Leontine: You guys have a female tank! Awesome!

    Here is why I have an issue with this girl. I assume that she is trying to get a hardcore raiding spot partly based on her gender instead of just simply focusing on her gear and skills. It makes some people assume that other raiding females are in a particular guild because she is female, not because she can play.

  10. K, you make me so happy. someone mentioned that you had a blog a while back, and i had nothing to do at work today, so i decided to find it. this was maybe unwise, as i spent half the day bursting out in hysterics with the rest of the office looking at me like i was insane. you're an awfully funny tree. /appreciative

    anyways, just wanted to say hi. school still feels like a hunting trip with dick cheney, but i'll be back online eventually.


  11. @Nkm: Awww... thanks! Watch out for that Cheney... cover your ass. Get your frostfire butt back online soon!

  12. At some point pre-BC, I was the only non-officer allowed to speak on vent 'cause the guild leader liked the sound of my girly voice. Sometimes, they'd have me sing to liven things up a bit. I'm in a much more mature guild now, lol.

  13. @Lissanna: Yeah, it sounds like there is quite a difference from pre-BC to today in terms of the number of female raiders.

    Anyways, I'm not quite sure how I missed your blog... but you're definitely in my google reader now!

  14. I just start out by saying "What are you wearing?"

    It usually is a big score!

    But the fact you bring it up, means your a jealous whore.

  15. @Anonymous: LAWL!!!

    Jealous of what? That I can't rest on my feminine wiles to secure a hardcore raiding spot? That I only have pure skill to rely on?

    But then again I shouldn't expect too much from someone who doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

  16. Or from someone who settles for "Anonymous" when they post something insulting.