Friday, April 3, 2009

Where the tree does haiku

Maurice from Ratshag's team tagged me to write some haiku. Me... poetic?

Well I guess I should first write one for the lovely Maurice:
Oh divine Maurice
The ecstasy, the rapture
I swoon at your sight

One for Jess:
One white ponytail
With intervene, vigilance
Protecting the tree

The tree's power trip haiku:
Bow down, recognize
The glory and the power
Of the tree of life

Not gonna follow the rules to tag others (rules were made to be broken anyways), but feel free to haiku away on your blog or the comments here!


  1. muahahaha! going to have the tree one printed up on business cards and hand them out at the beginning of every raid/instance I run! =P

  2. Oh Sylly, I'm sure my guildies don't appreciate you giving me any ideas like that... ;)

  3. Awww. My own haiku. And our tree has 'tude.

  4. Careful K, Ash is in your neighborhood, either at a conference or stalking you. lol

  5. @BigMu: Ash is here? I was wondering what that clink clanking noise was behind me... I guess that is the noise a stalking pally makes.