Monday, April 13, 2009

K's 25 man Naxx thoughts

Note: Half the raid had left by the time I asked people to get a screenshot

Over the last couple of weeks, our guild has been doing some regular 25 man Naxx raids with two other small guilds. Now I did do some 25 mans in BC, but pretty rarely. Anyways, here are some of my random thoughts and experiences on going from healing 10 mans to 25 mans.

1. OMG there iz too many grid boxes!!! Just look at all those folks in the pic above. Seriously, as silly as it seems, its a big issue of mine with 25 mans. I have my grid boxes set up exactly how I like, counting down my hots and showing lifebloom stacks. I have my boxes sized and positioned perfectly in the 10 man runs. But with 25 mans... there are just too many boxes and I haven't quite decided where I want to position them.

Yeah, yeah I know I can scale it down smaller, but I like the boxes a certain size. Sigh. So sometimes I have to make tough decisions like whose box gets cut off. In these situations, usually feral druids like Fonzy lose out. (Heh just kidding Fonzy).

2. A quieter K: My guildies may have noticed that I do not talk over vent as much in these 25 man runs. I'm not sure if its because there are folks in the runs that are strangers to me, or if Im considering that fact that you shouldn't talk as much in a 25 man run because of the number of folks. But I'm definitely quieter... which I'm sure Jess appreciates because there is less Jess ribbing on these raids.

3. Less healer guilt: In 10 man runs, I am definitely more apt to try to save a naughty dps who has grabbed aggro (ok, ok, maybe its not always their fault and maybe they are not all naughty... but I still call them naughty dps anyways). In 25 mans, there is a little more hardcore triaging going on where I have to make tougher decisions and let people go. Am I saying that I feel less badly if I lose a dps in a 25 man vs a 10 man? Hmmm... maybe. So I feel a bit bad if I lose a dps in a 10 man, whereas I feel a tiny bit bad if I lose a dps in a 25 man. Heh.

4. More people to laugh at: While most people would consider running 25 mans as an opportunity to meet more people, I take it as an opportunity to meet more people to make fun of. Case in point, Sammael, who is always a source of endless amusement with or without clothes.

5. I <3 Rejuv: I love rejuv in 10 mans, but I really really love rejuv in 25 mans. Yeah, I threw out lifeblooms and regrowths and nourishes, but there was a lot of "Rejuv for you, rejuv for you, oh and you too, oh yeah you should have some rejuv too".


  1. One of the reasons that I avoid 25-man OS and VoA at all costs: interface gets too much to handle. I'm very OCD about my raid frames and while the placement isn't a problem (it looks pretty slick imo) the sheer number of boxes can be a hassle to heal.

    Also the lag. Oh god, the lag. Healing at my average 15 fps is fun, while healing at -283904723 fps and being hit with the BSoD frequently is NOT.

    Sounds like you're having fun though!

  2. Haven't done any 25s in WotLK yet, but in BC I rarely talked on Vent in 25s even though you couldn't get me to shut up during 10s. I feel that unless what I have to say is absolutely vital, there's no sense in adding to the confusion and noise that's already there.

  3. Meh. I'm too lazy to post anything today other than lolcats. So instead I'll post here.

    1. Agreed.

    2. This makes Jess sad. Jess likes attention, even if it's ribbing.

    3. I thought you got over feeling guilty about deaths.

    4. Cost of consumables: 100g. Cost of repairs: 60g. Watching Sam do the "tabard dance": priceless.

    5. Damn renews and rejuvs. By the time I'd get a nice chain heal warmed up you guys had healed people up with your HoTs. You are lucky Riptide has a cooldown.

  4. You're like Hicks in the Colonial Marines first encounter with the Xenomorph...

    "Oh, you want some? Oh, you want some, too? Hey, how about you?"

    Only with heals instead of shotgun shells.