Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drunk on healing power

Maybe its just silly little old me, but I have a tendency to sometimes whip out what I would call my vengeful healing side. What do I mean? Well unlike tanks or dpsers, healers have a unique perspective in that as a class we are targeting other players.

So where does the drunkeness come to play? Well let's look at a conversation held in guildchat last week before the Carolina vs Gonzaga basketball game.

Wut: Sorry K but I have to root for the home state team... go Gonzaga!
Nkm: Yeah, go west coast! Go Gonzaga!
K: Hmmm... note to self: Send less healz to Wut and Nkm next raid.*

Similarily I used to sometimes show a certain white ponytailed tank who really is boss (ahem, moi) by letting said tank's health get precariously low. I will say in my defense that I only do this on trash or an easy boss where I pretty much know how much health Jess needs.

Maybe I have too much attitude to be healing. But the whole aspect of holding people's lives in my hands.... muah ha ha ha! The power... I loves it. Am I the only one like this? ;)

*Ok ok, in all honesty I talk a big game, but usually never follow through. Wut and Nkm got healz just fine and I haven't toyed with Jess health in a while. Sigh... I'm getting soft.


  1. Translation: Tanks, take good care of your healers.

  2. ROFL!

    I am so with you on this one.

    PS - I tagged you on my blog =D

  3. Heh. It's too bad you aren't a leet DPS, otherwise I could let my threat get precariously low. But I don't worry. I learned to not use my cooldowns on trash, and I know a part of you dies when the ponytail hits the dungeon floor, just before all of you dies.

  4. lol noooooo I never do this. never ever ever. well, unless I'm awake. heh. =P

  5. @Misneach: Yes. And presents. Us healers like presents.

    @Averna and Sylly: I'm glad I'm not the only misbehaving healer.

    @Jess: Aww... yes. A part of my heart does die every time I see your white ponytail hit the floor. But then my revive spell revives what dies and I move on. :)

  6. @K: Yeah, I slaved over many a cooking fire making Golden Fish Sticks in the BC days.

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