Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For everything there is a season

The blog world took another big hit yesterday when BRK announced he is leaving or at least taking a break from the WOW world. First Phaelia a month ago, now BRK. When Phaelia announced that she was stepping away, I did a silly little post.

This time I'll get a bit more serious (whoa!). First, I think the title of my post and the four seasoned tree above (OMG how beautiful, huh?) reflects my view on this. For everything, there is a season... even for WOW. So which WOW season am I in? Anyways, I think its always good to do a check on where you are and how WOW plays into it. As with Phaelia, I wish BRK only the best.

Secondly Jess and I spoke a while ago when we were faced with some changes with friends in game. Jess (so eloquently... for a tank) mentioned that what was hard was the realization that our relationships and experience in game is not static. Our relationships or social structure in game and guild is transient. You will not see it in a measurable way every day, but things are always changing.

I think the lesson for me is to try to appreciate a good thing, whether that is great friends ingame or a positive guild structure/dynamic, when you are in it. Don't take it for granted because that exact social network will not last. That may sound kinda sad and negative, but I think it can be a good lesson. Try not to get bogged down by little things and keep an eye on appreciating the more important positive aspects.

Ok... /end schmoopy schmoopy blah blah blah
/resume sarcastic and silly K


  1. Very well put. I know that my guild has gone through a number of changes here recently...some positive, some negative. It's best just to focus on the good and appreciate what you've got when you've got it.

    BRK is certainly going to be missed.

  2. Great post and a beautiful picture.

  3. Really like this post K, nicely done. I'd love to posy more of a comment but it would take up a lot of room and i'd hate to take away from such a nice post.

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