Monday, March 9, 2009

Can you heal better on a MacBook?

My poor poor guildies have had to put up with a lot of crap from me the last 6-9 months. Ok, ok they put up with a lot of crap from me all the time... but I'm speaking specifically about computer troubles. I used to play on my personal laptop, an IBM Thinkpad I've had since 2003. It died about 6 months ago and I switched to playing on my work laptop, another IBM Thinkpad. I've had problems after problems, and basically hit the wall this past weekend. After having used Thinkpads for 9 years (due to required laptops for gradschools and then work), I have finally had it with Thinkpads. IBM, you are now dead to me! Dead, I say!!! (Well except for the fact my work laptop is still a Thinkpad...)

So now the tree sez hello, Mac!

This is going to be a huge change for me... though I think my guildies are amazed I have actually played and successfully healed them this entire time on a Thinkpad... with the trackpoint nonetheless. I've gotten so used to the trackpoint, its going to be really really weird not using it.

Ok so I have to share two amusing related conversations... that unfortunately for me just highlights my noobishness in most things technological. /sigh

Conversation #1: K and techy sales guy (TSG) in Apple store:
K: So I also want to get a headset thing for my iPhone so I can take calls in the car while I'm driving.
TSG: Um, ok... so you already have an iPhone?
K: Yeah, I got it like 9 months ago.
TSG: So... you want a bluetooth headset?
K: No, I don't need bluetooth, just something I can hook into the iPhone is fine.
TSG:Well here's the headphones it came with.
K: No, I already have those... I just need to be able to talk into something.
TSG: Um... Ms... the headphone that they come with will allow you to talk while driving.
K: Huh?
TSG: Yeah, see this little white rectangle here? Just click it and you can talk into it.
K: What in the?!?! I've had the ability this entire time and didn't know it?
TSG: Um... yeah (/thinks this girl is a total dope). What did you think this little rectangle was for?
K: I don't know... decoration?

Conversation #2: Email exchange between K and Jess:
K: Yay, I haz new macbook!
Jess: Woot! Happy installing WOW!
K: Well I've been playing WOW on my work laptop this entire time off an external harddrive so I can just copy and paste my entire WOW folder to the Macbook, right? That'll be easy!
Jess: Um, but you've been playing the Windows version this entire time, right?
K: Oh, F.

Seriously... my noobishness amuses and embarrasses me at the same time. /double facepalm


  1. Hahahahaha. You sound pretty much exactly like me.

    I hope you totally love your new mac! I've never liked macs, but I think that's because I'm stubborn and resistant to change.


  2. I's all macnooby meself, so I's not gonna laughs. Just gonna say "ooooh, shiny" and hopes ya has fun on it!

  3. That's what I use to play. You'll love everything about that computer, I swear.

  4. You healed for the whole time using a trackpoint? *hardly trying not to look too stunned*

    The picture looks like the MacBook 13" which I saw twice recently and despite the fact I still know next to nothin about MacOS I really like it.

  5. @Averna: I know... I'm very stubborn and resistant to change as well, but have had it with thinkpads.

    @Ratters: Its okay, you can laugh. I did!

    @Yasmine: Thanks! Im still getting used to it.

    @Simply mod: I found it very very hard last night to do the daily cooking quest and just simply put up some auctions. What I love about the trackpoint is how I can navigate with one hand while clicking things with the other. Everything is very compact spacewise.

    Now on the Mac, everything is so spread out... and the F5 and F6 keys are not over the same number keys. I'm going to have to redo how I heal!

  6. For familiarity's sake, you may have better success using Boot Camp to install and run Windows XP/Vista on your new laptop and continue using WoW from an external drive. An internal drive will perform a bit better because of read/write transfer speeds over USB, however. I've just had some odd experiences running the OSX version of WoW, at times.

  7. I feel your pain with the trackpoint... I've actually spent the past few months on a touchpad, which has made me learn very quickly how to hotkey everything *twitch*

  8. I'd suggest a Logitech multi-button mouse (wireless, natch): The advantage over a trackpoint is THE BUTTONS!! Free movement, plus bindable buttons using Logitech's software.

  9. Oh, and...there is no 13" Macbook Pro; was thinking that looked more like the 18" model?

  10. Thanks Kestrel! I've had multiple folks point me towards those logitech mouse. I couldn't find it when I popped in a Best Buy the other day... I should order it online maybes. And that pic is just a random macbook pic I put up... not my macbook. I didn't end up getting a macbook pro since I'm not doing anything super technical, i.e. making movies or whatever.