Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why guilds are like eggs

There's been some conversations lately around what kind of guild we are. I think being a casual raiding guild is hard because by falling in the middle of the spectrum, its easy to drift too far left or right. Its sometimes hard to balance our guild philosophy of real life coming first and having fun as a group with wanting to progress further and being appropriately challenged.

While I was trying to explain my thoughts around this to some folks, I came up with an analogy. I was trying to say that if being a hardcore guild is a hardboiled egg, we would be eggs over easy. That got the little wheels in my brain turning about other types of eggs. Here's why guilds can be characterized by types of eggs:

• Hard boiled - These are the most hardcore guilds. The yolk can be a little hard to take without something to drink. Salt is optional.
• Poached – Other end of the spectrum, the most casual guilds.
• Over-easy – Somewhere between hardboiled and poached. Like I said, I would say the Left Claw is over-easy. Sunny side up guilds are similar to over-easy guilds but they are a bit more optimistic. Hahaha /sigh
• Scrambled – These guilds aren't really sure what they are. Things are just sort of tossed together.
• Deviled eggs – This is the guild that looks pretty standard on the outside, but is unexpected on the inside with extra spices and ingredients.
• Coddled – Is similar to poached egg guilds, but this guild takes special care so that every single guild member is 100% happy... perhaps even too much so?
• Easter egg – A guild that looks all fancy shmancy on the outside, but is completely empty inside.

All of this egg talk is making me seriously crave eggs benedict with smoked salmon. Mmmm... I should grab some for brunch this weekend.

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