Thursday, March 5, 2009

More herbalism and alchemy talk

I mentioned a while back that I'd talk a little more about my crazy herbalism and alchemy habit, with which I have been able to buy Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Loop of the Kirin Tor, and most recently Je'Tze's Bell. I don't bother with doing dailies for the money because I find that the return on my time is greater with herbalism and alchemy.

So step #1, is to get the herbs.

I herb in three zones. Sholazar Basin mainly for Goldclover and Adder's Tongue, Storm Peaks for Icethorn and Lichbloom, and I've recently put Zul Drak more into the herbing rotation for Talandra's Rose. Now a quick note about Frost Lotus. To me, they seem to follow the philosophy, "When it rains it pours". I either get several in the same zone, nearly back to back, then none in the next zone. So if I'm out specifically looking for some, and I don't get any after several rounds in Sholazar Basin, I head over to Storm Peaks or vice versa. Just the other day, I got NINE, yes NINE frost lotuses in Storm Peaks in one night.

Ok so lets now go into why I am picking these specific herbs...

Step #2, the alchemy. I don't regularly end up selling a lot of flasks and instead use them for myself and guildies. But I do sell a ton of elixirs, though really I only make and sell three types:

Elixir of Accuracy. You can get Tiger Lily along lakes and rivers everywhere, but a great place to load up is also the lake NE of Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. I am often the only seller of these elixirs on Drenden, and typically sell the elixirs for an average 7g each.

Elixir of Deadly Strikes. So here's what I make with all the herbs I get from Sholazar Basin. These elixirs are up on the AH a lot more often so I have more competition. But I would say I also sell these for an average of 6g each.

Spellpower Elixir. These go for a little less on Drenden, I would say an average of 5g each.

Finally.. #3, AH mechanics. I would say its important to consider when you are putting elixirs up on the AH. I shoot for when the hardcore guilds are raiding and put up a lot of stuff so they are on there for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It may also have something to do with having less competition on these nights since perhaps with work and school less people are farming stuff for themselves or putting up stuff to sell on the AH? I don't know... but often I will just stock my elixirs in my bank to wait until these days. I don't sell as much on the weekends when the AH is often flooded with stuff and there is too much undercutting for my taste.

So by selling these elixirs, a very casual herbing run will make me at least 250g. Now if I want to work a little harder, that goes up to 500g. Don't forget that by herbing you will also be collecting a lot of Eternal Life that you can sell as well. Now if I've really bought something crazy expensive and want to make back some gold, I have been known to have some crazy herbing days where I make 1000-1500g+ in one day. Now this includes selling some mana/health potions and flasks as well.

I've joked around with Jess that you could consider my alt to be making money. But if you are an herbalist/alchemist and have no money... I cannot stress to you how easy it is to make!


  1. I totall agree on your note on Frostlotus.... this shiny little herb does not follow any rule it seems.

    I'm quite sure that zone-designers like us herbalists... most spawns for herbs have no mobs surrounding them so you can easily pick them up without any problems (maybe it's partial amnesia but I remember a lot of spots in Outland that required you to kill a mob or even two).

  2. I'm guessing by "Goldthorn" you mean Goldclover?


  3. @simply mod: Though I must say that I am loving the fact that the frost lotuses are much more common that the Outland fel lotuses!

    @averna: sigh... yes... you're right. :)