Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Work has been super crazy the last two weeks and is anticipated to continue for another two weeks or so. Bleh. This has limited my play time as well as blog time and thus subjects to blog about. I've had to sit out on raids to catch up on work or sleep. This has brought up conversations like:

Jess: Your hots were missed.
K: Boo. Just my hots were missed? Not my witty commentary?
Jess: Well yes, of course... as well as your gentle encouragement and emotional support.

Haha. Sarcasm... I loves it.


  1. Yeah, the past two days I had raids on my druid and sadly, I nearly fell asleep during one. I actually did fall asleep during last night's but my boyfriend was there to wake me up if I was going to be rotated in.
    Yay 8 day work weeks. I hope your job calms down again so we get to read more topics!

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