Thursday, March 12, 2009

Followup to posts from this week

Part I: Macbook

I'm still getting used to playing WOW on a Macbook. The biggest change I've had to deal with so far is flying around and herbing... which if you know me at all, is definitely serious business. I spent the first night in Storm Peaks trying to get used to it. If you happened to come across a purple birdie in the area flying into mountain sides and crashing face first into snow, sadly it was moi. Not only did I end up with a faceful of snow, but I ended up with a strange cramp in my arms. But I think I'm getting better at it. I think. I hope.

Part II: 3.1 and Pie

I was amused with how many of y'all were pie fans. You guys must really be looking forward to this Saturday then... which is 3/14. Get it? Hahahaha /sigh.

Ok... let me see if I can coherently and semi-seriously put together some thoughts around my take on patch changes.

With my pie chart the other day, I was trying to say that its easy to think that your class is being singled out, since those changes affect you. I hate to admit this (because I love it)... but aren't us resto druids a little OP right now? A resto druid in 10 man gear healing neck and neck with other healers in 25 man gear makes this tree go hmmm.

The only concern I do have is that they are making changes along with the introduction of the harder Ulduar raid. Perhaps its not that we need nerfs... but that Naxx was too easy? Perhaps Ulduar will be the right difficulty level? Will nerfs + harder Ulduar = ouchies?

Now lets get a little philosophical here. As Heraclitus said, "The only thing that is constant is change". Things change. Guildies and friends come and go. We have to change how we play. If trees can grow on cliffs or in the middle of the desert with no real water source, I think we'll adapt and be just fine. :)


  1. I will say that I think we're a very solid healing class. However, I do think that resto shaman are just a bit stronger. I can beat all the other healers (including other trees) in raid, but I have a very tough time with resto shaman. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else have a similar experience?

  2. Well said, K. The knee-jerk reaction when any patch is looming is "Blizzard's out to get [insert class here] because I play that class and these nerfs are really going to affect the way I play." The fact of the matter is each round of buffs/nerfs affects the way everybody plays. It's just that I may not completely understand what's going on with your class.

    One or two weeks after the patch, though, it's always business as usual because everyone simply adapted to the changes.

  3. All I have in 3.1 are buffs, so...


  4. Hi Keredria!

    I also play on a MacBook. I strongly suggest getting a mouse as well. I have no desk at home so I sit the mouse beside me on a mousepad on the couch--inelegant, I know, but effective.

    Being able to turn with the mouse was the biggest revolution in my personal game play. I made it all the way to Mother Shahraz keyboard turning (and using the heel of my hand on the track pad to move the cursor--ugly). I'll say, my movement is better and my wrists hurt less with the mouse. I got a razer death adder for mac, which has yummy extra buttons and let me move some of my abilities off my left hand and onto my right. It's helped keep repetitive stress injuries from happening.

    Love the blog by the way! I found it through Keeva's sidebar of druid links.