Monday, March 2, 2009

Left Claw finishes Naxx - That's it?

We were able to finish out Naxx this weekend. It was our first entry into the Frostwyrm wing. Sapph was pretty simple and one shot.

Now KT was a bit more difficult in that us healers had to figure out positioning and healing people up in time when they were frost blast. I found that Nourish worked as the best spell for me to cast when people were frost blast. It was a big and fast enough heal.

So now our DK Khayven is running around with a cute pink Hello Kitty axe aka Death's Bite and our Spriest Dest is going to be even deadlier with Wand of the Archlich. Seriously, Dest scares me with the amount of dps she does.

Now I had heard for a long time of course that Naxx was ezmode. Plus as a guild we finished up Naxx probably much later than we could have and we were all pretty well geared. But it was still sort of anti-climactic to finish it so quickly and easily. It definitely was not the same feeling we had when we downed Prince back in Kara. I don't know... maybe Malygos will give us a bit more of a challenge?


  1. IDK K, our guild has a different way of doing things. We usually enjoy our raid events and we bring the players, not the classes. I like the Claw approach, and the pace at which we attempt things. Yeah, we could go faster but we might miss something along the way. Despite a few new guys, we should our keep Claw ways and have some fun.

  2. For me its less about progression and more about being challenged. The fun in raiding for me is a group of people coming together to overcome a challenge. That is where the sense of accomplishment as a unit come about.

    The feeling after Sapph and KT was wasn't even near the Claw feeling after Prince or Nightbane or Shade or heck even Maiden. I look back on those speedbumps with a little bit of pain but a lot of laughter... and the sense of accomplishment we felt when we overcame those bosses.

  3. Our guild is definitely getting more satisfaction out of Ulduar than Naxx. But I have to admit. Naxx 10 will always hold a special place in my heart. :P