Friday, February 27, 2009

The Naxx Nekkid Bug

You might have noticed that I changed the color scheme of the blog the other day. While I liked the blue background which was purposely done to show my allegiance to the Carolina Tarheels, I thought the page was getting a little hard to read. So I made a drastic change to black, and added a cool black and white photo of a tree. As I told Jess, I decided to try to sophisticate this place up a bit. Jess said I was getting all serious.

Yeah right... me... serious? Case in point, the topic I'd like to discuss today. What is up with the bug that makes you sometimes see raid members without their clothes on? I call it the Naxx Nekkid bug, and I was hit with it last night when I zone into Naxx and see Jess, Alorya, and Heidilux with nothing on but their skivvies. Other guildies have mentioned this has happened to them before, but this is the first time it has happened to me. Thus, here is how I saw Jess tanking:

It was a little disturbing and distracting to say the least. Jess' strategy must have been to stun the bosses or something?


  1. Those thighs could stun an incoming missile!

  2. I know! Seriously... did Jess mistake Naxx for Naxxx or something?

  3. Oh...yes...a bug. That's what it was. (Quickly fixes disheveled hair.) Wait, are these MY underwear?

  4. I always get the BG nekkid bug, everyone jumping off the rock butt butt nekkid and bare backed..