Monday, February 9, 2009

I am salty! And pygmy silliness

Some nights you get on WOW and have serious business... other nights are more about serious silliness. Last night I finally got my fishing achievement done, and now I am salty! Its actually a pretty proper title for me, as those who have heard me over vent well know that I've been known to hurl some salty words now and again. Jess says venting wouldn't be the same if I didn't say "Damn it all to hell".

Now the biggest hurdle to the title for me was re-doing One That Didn't Get Away, where you have to catch one of the rare fish. The annoying thing is that I am pretty certain I caught one of those before achievements were tracked... I just got rid of it at the time because it didn't do anything. But I finally got Dark Herring from a pool of Fangtooth Herring from the lake south of Gjalerbron in Howling Fjord.

This meant the only thing I had to do was Deadliest Catch. I knew Vel wanted to do it as well, and we decided to take along a meatshield with us. Here we are after taking down Gahz'ranka.

We then decided hey, let's try Hakkar in Zul'Gurub. Can one tank, one dps, and one healer do an old 20 man raid boss? Uh... not so much. It wouldn't have been so bad if Jess didn't keep getting mind controlled and Vel kept getting silenced. Jess said some website mentioned that a small group of reasonably geared 80s could do Hakkar easily, but apparently by the term "small group", they meant more than 3.

To round out the night, we went back to Dalaran and decided to get drunk on Pygmy Oil. This is what happens after you drink a bunch.

Here we are shaking what our momma's gave us. Look how cute Jess is with the bebeh shield.

We caused a bit of commotion in Dal... here is our poor unsuspecting friend Suzzy who was afk (probably fortunate for her).


  1. Congratulations! The fishing contest is so difficult to win though!

  2. you can indeed kill Hakkar with 3 80s. Am 80 Shaman and my 80 Deathknight cleaned the zone one night including Hakkar. You just have to kill all the animal bosses before you go up against him!