Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The tree gets serious... an actual healing post (gasp!)

Ok its been ages since I've actually done a real healing post. Lest you think I am just all about silliness, this tree actually heals too! Some updates:

Spec: A while back I switched to what I guess, is the most popular resto spec, 11/0/60. With picking up Nature's Splendor, I last longer. I am a virile tree. Oh dear... I'm sliding back into silly again. Focus K, focus!

Glyphs: In terms of glyphs I have Glyph of Regrowth, Glyph of Lifebloom, and recently switched to Glyph of Swiftmend. I'm still getting in the habit of using swiftmend more often. I just haven't had to use it for a while, and I am working on bringing it back into my regular healing as opposed to just "Oh crap" healing .

Healing spells: Check out my spells from a couple bosses in Naxx. Note, this was 10 man Naxx with myself and Heidilux (holy priest) healing.

I am obviously all about regrowth now. I am curious as to what other resto druids are doing now in terms of their heals. See what I mean when I say I need to use swiftmend more?

Gear: In terms of gear, I've been pretty lucky on drops. Funny enough, I was over spirited (Rah rah rah! Sis boom bah!) when I recently picked up Spirit-World Glass. Thus I went back and redid some of my enchants and gems to go back to stacking spell power. It's probably also a combination of the fact that my dps-ing Left Claw guildies have geared up a lot since we first started raiding, so I don't have to last as long. Heh. K! Stay out of the gutter! /sigh

I also picked up Loop of the Kirin-Tor a while back for 6,400g. It gives me the port to Dalaran, and my hearthstone is set for Sholazar Basin where I do half my herbing. I am planning on doing a post soon about my crazy herbing/alchemy/gold making addiction.

In terms of upgrades, I am going next for Signet of Hopeful Light, available at exalted rep with Argent Crusade. I would also really really love Je'Tze's Bell a drop that is on the Drenden AH lately for 9-10,000 g. We'll see if I bite the bullet and just get it.

Oh and you'll see from my last Salty K post that I am now back to wearing a purty dress. So purty that I can finally show my face again.

Weapon: War Mace of Unrequited Love. I love the name of this mace... its kinda sad, but pretty.

Off-hand: Handbook of Obscure Remedies

Idol: Idol of Lush Moss

Head: Noth's Curse.

Neck: Hateful Gladiator's Pendant of Restoration. Yeah, I've got a pvp neck here... with mp5 (vs spirit) nonetheless!

Shoulders: Heroes' Dreamwalker Spaulders

Back: Wispcloak

Chest: Heroes' Dreamwalker Robe

Wrists: Plague-Infected Bracers. I am wondering whether I should be concerned at all about catching the plague from my bracers...

Hands: Heroes' Dreamwalker Handguards

Waist: Vine Belt of the Woodland Dryad. Huh? What the heck is a woodland dryad?

Legs: Splint-Bound Leggings

Feet: Earthgiving Boots

Ring: Loop of the Kirin-Tor

Ring: Solitaire of Reflecting Beams

Trinket: Spirit-World Glass

Trinket: Winged Talisman


  1. It depends on the fight, obviously, but most of the time my highest effective heal is rejuv.

    Since we have such a low GCD, and rejuv gives mana/rage/energy/runic power, I'm always casting. I rarely stop. I throw rejuv on anyone taking, about to take, or might take damage. And with the super low mana cost, it's not a burden on my mana pool.

  2. This probably really makes most druids mad, but I'm more about tossing my HoTs around the raid and using nourish. The 4-piece bonus to the T7 armor really makes a huge difference overall. I'm also a snap-healing fan, which comes from being a healing priest for three years prior. Rejuv is so awesome though.

    My question is, on the healing idols, what do you think? I still run around with my Raven Goddess Idol from the epic flight form quest, however I don't see one just as powerful as that one prior to Naxx25. Am I just being that odd?

  3. @dajoey: yeah, i think i've seen rejuv higher up on my list before as well. the fact that this was 10 man naxx with myself and one other healer, im guessing i was doing some tank healing. but yeah, i definitely love throwing around the rejuv.

    @leontine: hey, if your healing keeps people alive, what's there to get mad about? :) i also equipped idol of the raven goddess before i took the nature's splendor talent and glyph of the lifebloom.

    if you aren't using lifebloom as much, it seems right now that the idol of the raven goddess is the only idol out there before 25 man naxx?