Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What I thought then vs now

DIATH, I can't get this spreadsheet to be readable on the page... reproduced below.

a. What I thought as a relatively new healer
b. What I think now

1a. When you get aggro, you should run around wildly, screaming, arms flailing to make sure you get the tank's attention
1b. When you get aggro, run towards the tank

2a. When a tank dies it's your fault
2b. Ok maybe I need to pay attention a little more and try harder... but it's not necessarily my fault. It could be tank's fault. ZOMG!

3a. When a dps dies it's your fault
3b. Naughty dps got aggro! (heh sorries dps, we do love you)

4a. A healer's performance is only highlighted or noticed when they do poorly
4b. Great healing is noticed and appreciated by others

5a. OMG someone is standing in fire/hockey puck of death/green poisonous slime, I must heal them!
5b. OMG you iz noob. You no deserve my leet healz. Don't stand there, kk?

6a. Must have big healz!
6b. Big healz are good. But big healz + right timing is even better

7a. Healers should just listen and take instructions
7b. Healers have a great perspective and could provide valuable insight into raid strategy

8a. Good healers just stand back and heal
8b. Great healers tell the tank and dps what they need from them whether it’s a slight positioning or timing change

9a. Good healers react quickly
9b. Great healers are reactive, but also proactive

10a. Healers rock
10b. Healers rock


  1. Oh my god, that first one is SO true. When I got aggro, I figured that running away was the best idea, because I needed to get away from the mob! AMIRITE??

    It took me a loooong time to train myself to run towards the tank. =P

  2. This is awesome and so true. I laughed super hard. I especially love #5B...that is great. --Ash

  3. Haha, I totally did #1 as well. Aggro? WTF! MUST.. RUN.. AWAY..!

    But I'm not to sure about #3, I think that I always blamed the dps for dieing.. :P

  4. I knows.. its odd that now if trash is hitting on me, I sometimes have to say something after a while so someone notices whereas I used to make it VERY clear over vent what was going on. :)

  5. Hi. You don't know me but I wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I read it all the time when I'm at work despite the fact that you play Alliance :p. Even though my main is Horde, you kind of made me start a night elf druid.