Monday, February 2, 2009

Naxx raiding update

Its been a while since I've given a raiding update. Its probably because its been a couple of weeks since we've gone for progression in Naxx due to schedules and what not. But this past weekend we had our second attempt at the Four Horsemen. If you remember, our first attempt a couple weeks ago was quite amusing.

We had our two tanks and other two healers up in the front two corners. Then we had our DK Khayven and warlock Pythagorus in the back with me healing them. Jess had initially told me to stand on the back steps of the little platform the four horsemen start on. But it ended up being too close to both corners and I was getting both of their effect thingies (technical raiding language FTW). And when I moved back, I was out of LOS of the corners due to these stone pillars. So I ended up having to throw some hots on Khay, run over the platform to the otherside to heal Pyth, heal myself, rinse and repeat. I almost lost Pyth a couple of times, but it worked out and the four horsemen were one shot. I forget to take a screenshot.

We then moved onto our first view of Patchwerk. Nothing big here, basic tank and spank. Patchwerk, you were one shot you big silly ogre baby you!

The funniest part of the night (for me at least) came on our walk to Grobbulus. Those damn little frogger slimes. Now let me just say that I have become an expert on Heigan's dance and haven't wiped on Heigan since our first night at him. However, these slimes pwned me. Even when I or Alorya or Ash weren't even close to them, they shot up and ganked us. Damn you slimes, damn you! Seriously, I died more on these slimes than I did the entire night. Poor Ash made it across once and tried to come back to rez me, only to die herself. The ironic thing about all of this is that I was the resident high scorer on Frogger when I took my old school Atari with me to college.

Anyways, in going over to Grobbulus, our two priests levitated us so we could walk over the green slime streams. Here's a funny shot of all of us.

Now Grobbulus was a little more interesting. Our first attempt was a wipe because I think we just had to learn the timing of Grobbulus' clouds and where to put our clouds. It ended up working well for the first people who got the injection to go up on the ramp and we ended up getting him on the second attempt, though there were still a lot of clouds everywhere. Next time we'll have to make sure injected folks go behind the wall. To end the night we did make one attempt at Gluth, but had some trouble with taking down the zombies when we needed to. But now that we've seen it once, I think we'll get him next time.

Some other funny screenshots from the run. Here we are getting ready to run in the tunnel to Gluth.

I love the new summoning portal warlocks can create. It makes me think we're about to watch some puppet show. Though as someone pointed out, probably not a puppet show they'd want their kids to watch!


  1. If it helps for those slimes, I use a cheat method. You tag the butt ends of the slimes. It's the front end that can get you, so if you say near (but not too close) to their backs you won't get hit.
    Only time I died to them was last night on my death knight because I had a headache and wasn't able to focus properly.

  2. Yeah I wasn't quite sure how it would work to have one healer in the back covering the two pseudo-tanks, but I knew K would figure something out. Given that our DPS consisted of two mages and a shadow priest, in addition to the DK and the lock, our options were limited, but the encounter went flawlessly.

    Patchwerk = yawn (at least from the perspective of the tanks). I was the hateful strike tank. Thanks to leet heals I was never even close to dying. I popped my cooldowns near the end, but only as a precautionary measure. We got him down with 50 seconds to spare.

    I believe we got Grobbulus on our third attempt.

    There. Done. Now I don't have to post about Naxx today.

  3. I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding you, but I think Blaumeaux/Zeliek could be easier for you. They attack the player being closest to them - no matter how far they are in fact. So K can stand - without moving a single time! - at the position assigned and the two players tanking Blaumeaux and Zeliek stand close enough to K to be healed but far away enough from the other mob not to get his debuff. They change positions when their debuff reaches 3 which is the only critical point healwise.

    Anyway: Nice job done there and best hopes to down the rest of Naxxramas soon =)

  4. @leontine: We went back for a short run last night and I successfully went through the slimes... twice! /gleeclap

    @simplymod: No I meant that I couldn't get to a place on the steps of that back platform without getting both of the debuffs from those two horsemen. They were definitely focusing on our DK and warlock, I was just taking both of their debuffs if I just stood still to be able to heal both our DK and warlock.

    It ended up fine... I needed the extra exercise. My trunk is getting a bit thick.

  5. Always like your blogs K, just wish I could acess them from work. They haven't blocked the blogs of Jess yet :-).

  6. Yay BigMu is here!

    But seriously... how is Jess suitable for work and I am not suitable for work? Something just isn't right there...

  7. Because I am pure and innocent, or I was until you got me doing the Sons of Hodir dailies.