Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In honor of Phaelia, K does math

You've probably already heard by now that Phae at Resto4life is closing down her doors in a couple of weeks. I've mentioned many times that she is the big sister tree to all of us. She was my inspiration to start blogging, though I knew that I would not be even close to all the theory crafting and calculations that she did. I'm happy to hear about her bebeh sapling on the way, but quite sad to see her go.

She's definitely left big shoes to fill. I'm sure someone else in the resto druid community will pick up the theorycrafting and calculations, though it most certainly won't be me. Here is about the extent of the math you'll see on this blog:

x=probability of success in Naxx

a=number of Mr. Bigglesworth kills
b=number of deaths on the slimes to Grobbulus
c=number of deaths on Heigan
d=number of falls off tube on way into Gluth

Hahahaha... /sigh. The lesson here? Sorries Mr. Bigglesworth.

Anyways, thanks for all you've done for the tree community Phaelia, we'll miss you!


  1. You forgot the missing the jump on Thaddius variable in that equation. FAIL! :)

  2. Hmmm. Well this needs some modifications. For one the "probability" does not fall in the unit interval. Also we need to factor in an additional variable. Let p denote the probability of a success in Naxx such that

    p = 1/[1 + exp(-x + DIATH)],

    where DIATH is the frequency with which K says "damn it all to hell" on vent.

    But seriously, I'll miss you too Phae. Sad tank.

  3. @Darraxus: Oh yes, too true!

    @Jess:awwmigawd, you iz geek. Unit interval humminah humminah?

    Is it correct though to say that DIATH and b, the number of deaths on slime into Globbulus is strongly correlated?

  4. No, but it would be correct to say that DIATH and b _ARE_ strongly correlated.

  5. But what if you don't die, + you don't fall off!?



    And yes, we will miss Phae's theorycrafting capabilities.

  6. Mathifications make me head hurt. But I chuckles too.