Monday, February 23, 2009

Purty herbs

I'm not afraid to admit that I am an herbaholic. My guildies know to call me out if they see me in Sholazar Basin or Storm Peaks too long (though I have started herbing more lately in Zul'drak as well). But... just... one... more... herb...

Have you really looked closely at how pretty the herbs are? Can you identify all of these herbs?


  1. 1. Goldclover
    2. ?... I'm guessing Frost Lotus since I heard they had their own nodes.
    3. Frozen Herb
    4. Talandra's Rose
    5. Lichbloom
    6. Adder's Tongue
    7. Fire Leaf
    8. Icethorn
    9. Tiger Lily

    But only because we spend so much time in Northrend at level 80. I would be stumped at figuring out some of the more uncommon old school herbs.

  2. Wow, I never checked them out that closely (and I'm an herbalist, too!).

    They *are* pretty, aren't they.

  3. Peacebloom is a gateway drug.

    True story.

  4. @anon: Yes, #2 is a frost lotus node that I found in Wintersgrasp.

    @averna: I think my faves have to be Talandra's Rose and Lichbloom.

    @khol drake: Hahaha. Too true though. When I've been herbing too much, Jess tells me to put down the doobage and come run something.

  5. @ Keredria - I gotta say that Goldclover is my favorite, actually. I absolutely love the color, especially when it's sitting on that dark green grass in Sholozar.... it's just so pretty!

  6. @Averna: So was that you I saw the other day sitting by a patch of goldclover for the longest time? What were you doing, looking for a four-leafed goldclover?

    Though I know many herb in Sholazar for the Adder's Tongue, it looks kinda painful to pick... all thorny and prickly.

  7. some reading for you. maybe you've seen it, idk. saw you talking the other day.

  8. 7 is not gromsblood?
    --ilari on Cenarius

  9. @Ilari: All these pics are from Northrend, so yes #7 is Firethorn which is basically Fire Leaf now since Fire Seed no longer exists.

    But you're right it does totally look like Gromsblood.