Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gluth and Thaddius down

I would say that our guild takes it a bit easier in terms of progression, in that we aren't rushing each week for progression. There were a couple of weeks there where due to schedules, we just didn't have the time over a week. Now we've probably had maybe 3 complete nights or so of attempts on Gluth. In the past, we just didn't seem to have the right combination of successfully kiting the zombies and the two healers keeping the kiters and the tanks alive. But everything seemed to just come together effortlessly, and Gluth went down very easily. I must say we loved our friend Landroval's earthbinding totem.

We then had our first look ever at Thaddius. The first time, the tanks weren't aware that the first two guys have to be tanked towards the back of the platform, and some lightning thingies hurt us. Second time, yes, people got confused which side was positive and which side was negative. And this second time, I didn't make it onto the platform... my jump sucked and I fell into the lava. But finally the third time, I made it onto the platform (huzzah!), we figured out the sides, and it was pretty easy.

Wut was afk for a while afterwards, which is why we have here the WOW screenshot equivalent of closing your eyes... a shot of Wut's backside in the screenshot. Oh and I won the roll on the T7 leggings, so now I will have to consider how the 4 set bonus to nourish plays into my healing.

So I guess we need to start preparing frost resist gear now?


  1. Grats on downing those two bosses!

  2. GRATS! I have never run Saph with frost gear. It helps to have a pally with the frost aura though.

  3. Hmmm so how do you know if a group can do it without frost gear or not? Is it just a trial and error thing?

    If you have two healers, maybe we would need frost resist gear?

  4. This is from a tank's perspective, so take it with a grain of salt. It didn't look like the raid in general needed to worry about having frost resist gear as long as everyone's paying attention. His frost aura doesn't tick for all that much. What does hurt are the blizzards and the splash damage when he ice blocks people during the air phase. Those can both be mitigated though by just having people not stand on top of each other before the ice blocks (still gotta be close to get behind the block but not too close) and by having people not camp under the blizzards. Ranged usually has an easier time with that, but melee can usually just run through unless the blizzard's positioned to hit both sides. Not much you can do then.

    As for the tank, I think our MT has done it with and without resist gear for 25-man, but both of us just wear our normal tanking gear for 10-man. The frost hurts, but he still does a lot of physical damage too so it's one of those "adjust if you notice a trend" situations.

  5. Thanks Ragar.

    I've heard and read some reports that it can be done with 2 healers, but that its pretty hard. I hope we can go in with 3 healers.

    When there are only 2 healers, I have to try hard (!) and pay attention and that cuts down on my making fun of Jess time. And we all know that when making fun of Jess time drops, we all lose.

  6. I was going to say that according to Recount your CPS (Criticism Per Second) has been a bit low lately.

  7. You are usually guaranteed a crit if I've been debuffed by Vel.