Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Which one are you?

I posted a couple days ago about this game's role in my life and wondered whether I would be here in a year. Well, why do I still play? As trite as it sounds, it is for the people. Well in every family people play certain roles, do they not? So what does the Left Claw family look like?

Here's my vote for who would be who:
* The Drama Queen or The Princess: Jess (I mean come on, Jess' blog is called Pretty in Plate...)
* The One That Always Gets Hurt: Vel and Alorya (because one of these two mages are always the first to die) or Ash (because she often finds herself in painful PUGs)
* The One That Always Swears: K
* The One With The Bad Memory: K again
* The One Thats Up To No Good: Our rogues Atania or Terrondris (because rogues are sneaky and always up to no good)
* The Tiny Dangerous One: Buns, Pyth, and Nkm (our three gnomes)
* The Cutie Pie: Buns, hands down
* The Pimp: Dest (because our Spriest loves purple, is always dressed well, and generally just rocks)
* The One You Can Depend On: Our two gnomes Pyth and Buns (because they have yummy cookies and a cool ass summoning portal) or Khayven (because he can be our off-off tank if Jess or Wut dies)
* The Gangster: Heidilux (because he says things like Boo-yah and other funny phrases I can't remember at the moment)
* The Ladies Man: Wut (with his ever changing hairstyles) or BigMu (did you see BigMu's poem to me here?)
* The Geek: Jess (because of the raid lectures... which are necessary, but we still make fun incessantly)
* The One That's Always Hungry: Vel (she's always eating during our runs)

How about you? Which one are you?

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