Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gifts for a tank's birthday

Today's is Jess' second birthday! This crazy white ponytailed tank was born in Teldrassil two years ago today. Hmmm, what gift would be appropriate for Jess' birthday, I wonder?

Well, Jess is my meatshield so how about


Or how about some

Or an appropriate poster?

Or some nice tank apparel?

Or a nice lecture podium from which Jess can deliver all of our raid instructions?

Or perhaps a promise from Vel and I to behave, not make fun of Jess, and actually listen for just one raid night without passing notes?

Or Tank's CD Sex, Love & Pain? Really is this what a tank's life is about? Hmmm...

Or maybe I should just say Jess, thanks for being my tank and not only saving my ass in game, but keeping me sane in my real life! Happy birthday!


  1. Ok...I...will...*cough* um promise *cough* to uhm be-um-behave... Woah...hard to catch my breath... *cough* :P

    Of course I can take, at least, one night off to (try? ...try harder?) be nice to our darling Warrior. The game would not be quite the same without Jessika. :)

  2. Nicely done K. Of course you and Vel will never quit passing notes, but it's a good thought.

  3. Haha BigMu... you obviously know us too well. :)

  4. Thanks K. Sex, love & pain? It's mostly the latter two I think.

  5. U guys do this in 25 man too?

  6. You mean whether we do 25 mans Graydeath? We do, though its never been the norm for us. But I do believe we'd like to do a 25 man Naxx here and there.