Monday, March 30, 2009

Tree Huggers - All Druid Run

I'm catching back up on blogging again by putting up some posts I have been meaning to do a while. So I had decided a month or so ago that when dual specs come out, I am going to take feral as my second spec. I think a lot of my guildies were very surprised and expected me to go boomkin.

But I'm intrigued with the whole notion of tanks typically not being female players. So maybe that's why I want to try tanking. In my real life I have been known to do a lot of things that gals typically don't do as much as guys... whether that is watching college basketball while hustling pool games while smoking cigars (Montecristos and Romeo y Julietas FTW).

So I decided I'd ease my way into it by trying kitteh first, where I couldn't totally wipe the raid. For my first heroic run as kitteh, I gathered some druidy friends to do an all druid run, which I've never done before. It was a fun time speaking all things druidy. I said that we needed a team name. I think Fonzy suggested something around herbing, but then Pan sheepishly admitted that he doesn't herb. What?!?! A druid that doesn't herb? You bring shame to all druids! Ok... just kidding Pan... we loves ya. Then the name Tree Huggers came up, which of course I love.

Let me just say, being kitteh was so different. What? I can't click boxes on grid? What? Target bosses? What? Skull before X before Orange? What? I have to be behind the boss? What? Where am I? So yeah... there was confusion.

Anyways, some pics.


  1. Yay for resto-feral dual specs! That is also what I plan on when 3.1.0. hits, I've assembled a fairly decent tanking gear (not great, but ok).

    Now all I need is the mindset, and the experience. And a whole lot of luck so I won't wipe my party!

    Oh, and I'm not a Herbalist either.

  2. This was a very good time, I only wish we had chosen something other than Azjol-Nerub for our first Tree Hugger run.

    And in my defense I did used to herb, and there are many times I regret having given it up.

  3. @Vargath: Yay resto tanks!

    @Vargath and Pan: Its otay you guys don't herb... more frost lotuses for me.

    @Pan: Let's talk some serious druid talk. What is the double dot on the second a, how do you type that, and how is that pronounced?

  4. In German there are these double dots "available" for a, u and o. They are called "Umlaute". If writing in a context where they are not available, i.e. a crossword puzzle, they are replaced bei ae, ue, oe which somehow is an imitation of their sound.

    Ä is like an enlish in action, Abraham, where a german A is more like the a in "bar" oder "start".
    Ö is a bit harder, it could be a approximated by the u in "burn" although I'd say its original sound would be slightly lighter.
    Ü is really hard as I can't think of any sound in english language that is somehow similar. It can be compared to the "tu"s in Tu es fotu.

    Ä is Alt-0196 and Alt-0228
    Ö is Alt-0214 and Alt-0246
    Ü is Alt-0220 and Alt-0252

    Anyway, and this was my first intention to post this comment: Yay resto-feral dual specs! I hope I'm allowed to say this even if I'm coming from the feral-side :o

  5. alt 132

    Not sure how ä is correctly pronounced, but ignoring the punctuation, the a sound in the mär at the end of my name is the same a sound in bar.

    One other part is the dal is pronounced doll. This is why I prefer plain ol' Pan. :-)

  6. @Simply mod and Pan: many thanks for the German lesson... I have a hankering now for wienerschnitzel or something.

    @Pan: you are a doll. ;)

  7. @K: DIATH, what did I just get myself into...?

  8. lol omg I wish I could have joined you! How fun! I've been trying my hand at laser chicken in prep for dual spec. Bad melee player is bad.

  9. I cannot wait to go resto/feral. I used to be feral and switched to resto about a year ago... I love resto but I am really looking forward to tanking on occassion and smashing some face with my kittah. =) I wish we had more druids in my guild to do druid runs... I think we have only 3 or 4 active ones at the moment.

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