Thursday, April 23, 2009

Would you confess to this woman?

Couple of random pics/observations/questions post patch 3.1

1. Yay for more efficient flight paths! I always thought it made no sense that the old flight path from Sholazar back to Dalaran took forever and a day.

2. Here's me and my new squire. He's a bit creepy looking, no?

3. Finally, lets talk a bit about the argent confessor at the new argent tournament. Seriously, would you confess to this woman? A woman wearing thigh highs and tabard? I sorta think that the confession should go the other way. She should confesses about dressing like such a skank.


  1. You can fly from Scholazar to Darnassus? HAX!!!1!!! Also, yes, I would confess to her...and possibly pay to do so 0_0

  2. @darraxus: Oops! Corrected... Dalaran... I meant Dalaran.

    After I saw my finished post about asking whether you'd confess to this woman, I did think that some guys might say that they would want to confess to her. Or ask her to punish them for their sins? ;)

  3. The confessor reminds me of High Inquisitor Whitemane from the Cathedral wing of the Scarlet Monastery.

  4. Do you confess to her or does she make you confess? It really could go either way.

    'Cause if she's the make you confess type, I'll take a pass. Now, if she wants me to make HER confess, maybe we can talk...


  5. I'd have to find another confessor to hear my confession of the impure thoughts I had about that confessor.

  6. Confess to her, not so much. I think I would be afraid she might hit me over the head with that staff of hers and say, "You think you got problems."