Friday, April 10, 2009

Is it because of the weird birdie headpiece?

So K has been wearing her T7 headpiece now for a while, and here is how she looks now.

Now two weeks or so ago, there was some guildchat around female toons getting hit on ingame. One guildie had said that his toon was given a sex change from female to male because he was getting hit on too much in game. Here was my reaction in guildchat:

Aww... K never gets hit on. I am sad.
I am sad that my pixelated female toon doesn't get hit on. Now that is sad.

I have had several female toon playing folks, both male and female, tell me about being hit on. But K, nothing. I wonder why? Is K not hawt enough? Is it because of the weird birdie thing she is wearing on her head?


  1. It is the headpiece! BURN IT!

    The one female character I ever got actually *bothered* on was my tauren... Go figure.


  2. Maurice the Death Knight of Looove tells me he be sorries you ain't been hit on none, and that he will take stepifications fer ta make sure that you ain't gotta be sad no more.

  3. @Aurik and Khol Drake: Aw... you don't think I can find someone to love K for who she is on the inside, despite the silly headpiece? :)

    @Ratshag/Maurice: Oh dear... what have I started...

  4. It's a thing...people who wear birdheads on their head say one of two things:
    1) I'm a high-school student/dropout being paid minimum wage to stand here in a chicken suit as an advertising gimmick
    2) I'm wearing a birdhead on my head because it makes me feel pretty/closer to my feathered kin/paste.

    Either person is not one you want to get to know the inner birdhead wearer of.