Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh noes! Prime numbers!

A couple weeks ago we were doing a laid back guild run. I can't remember if it was one where I was doing my kickass awesome "raid-leadering" or not. I should have blogged about this earlier because I've forgotten who said what.

The stage: 10 man Naxx - Thaddius
The setting: I had just split up the raid into two groups and our stabbity stab rogue Atania was assigned to the left platform.

Atania: Oh, is there anything else different about this platform? I've never started here before.
Smart ass guildie #1: Yeah, there are round disks of fire on the ground that you have to avoid.
Atania: What?
Smart ass guildie #2: And not only that, but the disks of fire are numbered. You can only stand in the odd numbered ones.
Smart ass guildie #3: Actually you can only stand in the prime numbered ones.
Smart ass guildie #4(we iz chock full of thems): Yeah, while you are stabbity stabbing away, you must be doing the maths at the same time.
Atania: Sigh... ok lets go.

Thaddius goes down.

K: So how did those prime numbers work out for ya Ata?
Atania: I hate you all...


  1. This gives me ideas.

    Though the best hazing is putting a newly holy paladin on the right platform (with the AoE damage flying around) and forgetting to tell her about the Tank Throw thing. I honestly forgot she hadn't done it before, but Elune that was funny.

  2. Some weeks ago we had a new tank with us on Naxx10 who had been there with a rogue and a deathknight a couple of times before. He was assigned a platform on Thaddius and when he was thrown to the other platform, he just started running back!

    Everyone who is kickass in raidleadering knows that you can have fun hazing a new player even if you're a serious raidleaderinger and tell everyone every little detail of every fight (and do a ready check afterwards to see if noone has fallen asleep).

  3. "Hey, if you jump in that window, you can see Ragnaros"