Thursday, April 9, 2009

In my WOW vs real life

When I got tagged with the Honest Scrap thing the other week and thought about some honest things to share about myself, I realized there are some interesting comparisons between my WOW life and my real life. So a couple more things about me in WOW (W) and real life (R):

1W. I am obsessive compulsive about things like keeping the guild bank tabs straight and orderly. I have been known to get a bit crazy and inquire in guild chat, “Who put this Outland item in the Northrend tab?!?!”
1R. I can be kinda messy... I’m definitely not a neat freak. In relationships, the guy is the one always picking up after me. :)

2W. I am often heard yelling DIATH over vent (damn it all to hell!!!)
2R. I am often heard yelling DIATH and much worse things during my current daily commute because I have no patience for rude people on the roads. If you are the person who decides to drive on the shoulder when everyone else is backed up, I am the person who will NOT let you cut in front of me. Then as I pass your sorry ass I will call you a f’in idiot.

3W. I always bring a ton of fish feast. My message is Omega 3s... eat them. They iz yummy.
3R. I really do like to fish in real life. Also I could probably live off sushi for the rest of my life... but then I'd probably start glowing or develop an eye twitch from the mercury poisoning. That would not be good.

4W. I am always prepared with tons of extra stuff in my bags as well as a crazy huge stock of extra herbs and fish in my bank.
4R. I’ve been nicknamed MacGyver because I have so much random stuff in my work/laptop bag as well as my handbag. Both of these bags aren’t any bigger than what anyone else would have. But with all the random stuff I have in there I could probably jerry rig some sort of device to get me out of a jam or disassemble a bomb, should I ever find the need to do so.

5W. My confidant/tank's name is Jessika.
5R. My best friend's name is Jessica. Its funny because both know about the other and sometimes when I'm talking about some advice I've gotten from one Jess, I'll say, "Well the other Jess said so and so". Though I do have to keep correcting real life Jess on what WOW is called. She keeps calling it "that witchcraft thing you do". I’m not a witch! Well maybes...


  1. That's what causes eye twitches?



  2. When I was living in cooler climes I had my "utility jacket." My jacket added a good 15lbs to my weight because of all the crap I carried with me. But I was PREPARED dammit!

    Although, I didn't carry a towel. In hindsight, I probably should have.

  3. World of Witchcraft...?!

  4. @Grimmtooth: Heh... yesh. And those eye twitches are dangerous because they can be misinterpreted as winks.

    @Khol Drake: Uh oh... I am sensing some interesting story there in you having wished you carried a towel.

  5. Nah, no interesting stories, just good sense. The Guide does tell us that the most important thing you can carry is your towel.