Friday, April 17, 2009

Leading a Raid - K style

Before patch 3.1 dropped, we were putzing around in 10 man Naxx. Yeah, yeah we've done it tons of times before. What was different this time? Well, I was "leading" the raid. From this experience, here are 5 things that you should not be doing as a raid leader, well unless you want a horrible raid or you are goofing around:

1. Demand undeserved respect: I insisted that everyone call me Madam Raid Leader and would not respond to anything else.

2. Provide irrelevant instructions: The raid strategy and instructions I went with were "Kill shit, don't die"

3. Blame others when things go wrong...: When there were minor missteps I insisted Jess try harder.

4. ...but take all the credit when things go well: When we downed a boss, I praised everyone for a decent job, but then declared that the overall success was clearly due to my awesome "raid-leadering"

5. Go on a power trip: I did a number of raid checks, just to do them. But I got mad when any of the raid assistants did them before an actual boss.


  1. 2 items I would like to comment on:

    #1 - "raid leadering"...epic.
    #2 - ready checks rock. Unnecessary ready checks rock even harder.

  2. @Misneach: Yeah, on the "raid leader-ing", apparently the power trip had overtaken my brain and I forgot how to correctly conjugate verbs.

  3. "raid leadering" seems ok to me, as there IS a difference between leading a raid and being a raid leader :D

  4. Besides, proper conjugationing is for suckers.

  5. I highly agree that all the 4 steps are full of win. Do not change a thing.

    As my old RL and MT (one and same) used to say, any bad pull done by you hoodlums is a F-Up any bad pull I do, is an emergency raid check. Of course, same RL used to laugh when the poor hunter died during SSC hunter pulls. Yeah you know which ones.