Monday, May 11, 2009

Level 4 of WOW geekdom

Level 1 - You play WOW
Level 2 - You play WOW and you blog about it
Level 3 - You play WOW and you blog about it and you are thinking of going to Blizzcon
Level 4 - You play WOW and you blog about it and you are thinking of going to Blizzcon and you are thinking about blogging about going to Blizzcon

/sigh. I am trying to see if some guildies/friends will meet up with me there. Anyone been to Blizzcon? Anyone else thinking of going? FYI, first tickets for the August 21 and 22 event in Anaheim go online for sale this Saturday, May 16.


  1. Hey Kere!

    I've been to the past two Blizzcons, and they've been a lot of fun! Brade and I are planning to go again this year (assuming we can get tickets and it's not the catastrophy it was last year).

    We've got our hotel reservations and airfare all ready to go =)


  2. @Beru:
    So you think its worth going? Will you be a level 4 WOW geek with me? :)

  3. Keredria,

    Sure! I will be a level 4 WoW geek with you!

    I do think it is fun and worth going...but then again, I'm a level 4 WoW geek ;-)

  4. I want to go, but I can't afford to. This makes teh Khol a sad panda.

  5. lol level 5 = thinking about blogging about your nerd rage about playing wow, blogging about wow, wanting to go to blizzcon so you can write about it, but living on the other damn side of the country!!! At least you're not a level fiver like me =P

  6. @Beru: Yay! Level 4s unite!

    @Khol Drake: Aww sad panda rogue... :(

    @Sylly: Oh noes... nerd rage! Everyone run for cover! Level 5 sucks. Sorries.

  7. Level 4 confession: - It was going to be an excuse for me to finally go to the States - We need some Aussie representation over ther :)

  8. @pugnaciouspriest: Yes, you should come. You can teach us all about koalas and kangaroos, rugby, and what the heck vegemite really is!

  9. I want to go SO SO bad.

    There's no way I'd be able to afford plane tickets, hotels, and blizz tix for my boyfriend and me though. It'd be like $1000 bucks, at the minimum, and we both have like, no money.

    /sigh at entry level jobs after college that pay NOTHING

    Shouldn't blizzard have some sort of "if you blog decently about wow COME HERE FOR FREE"

    I mean, I know. Yeah right.

    One can dream though.... le sigh

  10. I was thinking Level 5 for me... I play WoW, I blog about WoW, I'm thinking about going to Blizzcon, I'm going to be in Cali that weekend even if I can't get Blizzcon tickets, and I have a post scheduled already about wanting to go.

    Hmm, maybe that's like a Level 8 :P

  11. @Averna: Aw... :( Yeah you should petition Blizz to put some blogger panel together, then have them send you out!

    @Syrana: Wow, level 8 huh? From what I hear, it looks like they are getting a bigger hall, so I'm hoping the ticket buying process isn't as crazy as it was last year.