Friday, May 15, 2009

When WOW crosses your day job

When I'm not playing a resto druid, I play the role of a healthcare consultant (waiting for the oohs and aahs.... yeah right). Healthcare uses a lot of acronyms, some of which overlap with WOW. So, here is what was going through my mind the other day during one of my many many meetings.

K:Oh gawd, I'm really really tired of all these meetings. We waste too much time and could be actually getting work done. I should be running these meetings the way I lead raids.

Voice in the distance: ...we should be looking at 4 WOWs then?

K: Huh? WOW? What, they're going to be playing WOW in the exam rooms now? Oh, wait they're talking about workstations on wheels WOWs, not our game WOW. So I wonder how long it will take me to fish up the turtle mount and get the new Strand Crawler pet. I'm getting a little annoyed its taking so long...

Voice in the distance: ...but is that nursing station in line of sight of those exam rooms?

K: Line of sight? Has someone gotten out of line of sight for my heals? Oh wait, damn it! Not that kind of line of sight. So hmmm I'm curious to see how a real attempt at Kologarn is going to go...

Voice in the distance: many tanks do we have there again?

K: Well that would depend on what boss we're doing. Wait, what? Number of tanks in the respiratory room? I don't give a crap! Speaking of tanks, I wonder when I last did a post that made fun of Jess...

Voice in the distance: ...will CC be listed on the tracker board?

K: What? Is Vel sheeping things here? Is Ata sapping things again? Oh damn, you mean CC, chief complaint! Sigh, why are these silly meeting people disturbing my daydreams with WOW speak?

Anyone else faced with WOW acronyms during your day job?


  1. LOL.

    Not many of our acronyms are WoW-related at work, but when I read or hear BS I immediately think Blacksmithing even though when used at the office someone is referring to the Balance Sheet.

    I guess that's better than my mind immediately jumping to the other meaning of BS.

  2. Hehe at the hospital I work at we called them Computer on Wheels. Note the past tense. Apparently the nurses did not like the term COWs because they felt like it was being refered to them. In the end they were changed to ROCs (Rollon Carts). :D